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Health and Safety

Having a baby can be one of the most terrifying and exciting moments in life, in equal measures. One of the scariest parts of being a parent or caretaker is monitoring the health and safety of your baby. What can sometimes appear as hunger cries, or tired cries may actually be rooted in deeper health concerns. Though you know your baby better than anyone, it can sometimes be impossible to distinguish what each cry means, is it a nappy change or a fever?

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As a parent it is important to have the essential items to monitor and maintain your baby’s health at least 3 months before the due date. This way you can add items to your basic list as time goes on and you will never be caught without a necessity if something does happen to your baby. The first items to consider when bringing your baby are home are cribs, baby bedding, nappies, clothing and swaddles. These will all be needed for the first week that your baby will be home. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of necessities and there are a whole range of other products that are needed to keep your baby, safe, happy and healthy.

Then there are those products that while not be used every day or even most days, they are essential for those ‘just in case’ moments. These items include thermometers, baby monitors and first aid kits. Zapals has a wide choice of baby thermometers that are especially designed for both baby and young children. A thermometer is an excellent way to confirm your suspicions that your baby is unwell as a change of normal body temperature can indicate that your baby is ill. It is important when purchasing a thermometer that it is designed specifically for babies as they prevent injury or harm.

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Baby Carriers

Once you and your baby begin to gain your strength and recover it is time to step outdoors and even though you love holding your little bub in your arms, it isn’t always practical. There will definitely be times where you need to make use of your hands and trying to juggle a task and hold a baby can lead to injury for you both. The most important items to invest in when you and baby are ready to go outside are a prams or carriers. .

Should You Buy This?

Investing in either of these products or both can ensure that you are both able to explore the world together safely. When considering the type of pram that you wish to purchase, it is important to also consider your lifestyle, number of children and number of children you wish to have in the future. If you are an active person that intends on jogging with your new baby safely tucked into the pram, it is important to consider wheels that are able to travel over a range of terrains. There are jogger specific prams, which is suitable for parents that also want manoeuvrability, and functionality. For parents that are looking at having more children in the near future, it would be a good idea to invest in a dual seating pram, to hold two children. Investing in this type of pram when you know are going to have children again soon will save money on a re-purchase.

When investing in a carrier, it is also important to consider your lifestyle and your body type. Do you walk around a lot, does your back need extra support, will you be using it for long or short periods of time? Zapals has a range of baby carriers that suit a variety of lifestyles, physiques and needs.

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