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Mens Bag Buying Guide

Whether you are on the move all day long or simply commute from home to work, every man needs a bag to store all his necessities. As smartphones get bigger and laptops become more crucial to most jobs, pockets are no longer the most practical way to store everything you need. This is especially true if you are visiting a range of different locations throughout the day. Maybe you have meetings in four different locations, heading to the gym after work or simply want to pack your own lunch. These are definitely not the kind of things that can fit into a back pocket.

What you need to buy?

The most popular men’s bag is the backpack; this style is suitable for any individual as they come in a wide range of fabrics, colours and sizes. For people that need to carry a lot of items a backpack is the easiest and most comfortable way to do this. This is especially true for heavy things such as a laptop or packed food. The reason for this is that backpacks allow you to evenly carry the weight of your items between two shoulders, preventing unnecessary strain on your neck, shoulders and back.

The only issue with a backpack is that they can often look quite casual, which is an issue for those that work in an environment that has a dress code or need to attend an event with a dress code. The easiest way to dress-up a backpack is to choose high quality materials such as leather for a smarter look. On the other hand, choose thick, durable fabrics for backpacks that will be outdoors or near the water to prevent damage and keep your items inside safe.

Satchel, single shoulder chest bags and hip bags are also popular bags that are suitable for smaller, basic items, such as a phone, wallet or phone charger.

Womens Bag
womens bag

Womens Bag Buying Guide

No matter how large or small, handbags are a necessity in most women’s lives. Because they are an everyday outfit staple and not everyday is the same, it is good to have a small selection of handbags in your closet that will suit any day you have.

What You Need to Buy?

For those professional work days when you need enough storage to carry your paperwork, wallet, cosmetics bag and phone but still need to look professional, choose a bag that is slightly larger than A4 size. This will ensure that paperwork can fit comfortably without crumping, but ensure that you choose a style that is structured and simple. A structured handbag, with minimal detailing in a colour such as grey, black or navy blue are perfect for work as they complement any outfit. Avoid floppy shapes as they can look too casual and keep loud, bold colours for after hours.

Depending on your lifestyle and personal needs, your weekend bag may be smaller or larger than your workbag. Generally you need less items on a weekend lunch than you would on a workday, so smaller, shoulder bags are more popular for casual days.

The weekend is the perfect time to experiment with different colours and textures to add interest to any outfit. For a handbag that can work with any outfit, choose textures and colours that complement what you have in your wardrobe. The most versatile colours are blacks and nudes in suede or leather. Cross body bags aren’t just for casual weekend lunches though. Depending on the style, details and colour they can also be used for more formal dinner or cocktail events. When choosing a bag that is versatile enough for day and night, choose a darker colour such as black, grey or navy. For a more formal style, chain straps are perfect as they add extra glamour to your outfit.


Luggage Buying Guide

Whether you are travelling overseas, holidaying interstate for a week, or simply staying at a friend’s house overnight, everyone needs at least one piece of luggage. The frequency that you travel, the locations you travel and how long you will be away for should all be considered when purchasing luggage. This is because although they make look similar, not all suitcases are the same, each having different features, suitable for different types of travel.

What You Need to Buy?

Frequent flyers should invest in that are either hard shell or durable fabric. This is because you know that your luggage will be thrown between planes, conveyor belts and check-ins over and over again. Another benefit of choosing a hard shell suitcase is the inability to predict overseas weather. It may be sunny and warm where you are at the moment but who knows what will be on the other end of your trip. Protect your belongings as best you can with a hard shell or waterproof suitcase. If you travel frequently that means you will be spending a decent amount of time rolling your suitcase around. To avoid the stress and frustration of a bumpy suitcase that doesn’t co-operate with your navigation choose a four-wheel model. These are often more stable and easier to roll along, but can be difficult on bumpy terrain.

Keep in mind the length of your travels when choosing a suitcase. If your flights often change in their duration it is a good idea to have at least two different suitcase sizes. Longer stays obviously require larger suitcases and shorter stays generally require smaller suitcases and even though you can bring your large suitcase on a short trip, it can be incredibly impractical and slow you down. You don’t necessarily want to wheel around and manoeuvre a huge suitcase for a 3 day business trip or holiday.

Bags & Luggage Buying Guide

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