Preparation is quite essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a different in your overall outdoor enjoyment and experience. So before heading out your next great adventure, make sure you have the essential camping gear below. You won't regret it, promise.


1. Tent


Unless you want nothing between you and the stars, wind, rain, bugs and forest critters, or you have a camper or RV, please don't forget the obvious - A tent!


Although there are so many options out there, we still recommend you to get a tent that is breathable and easy to put up & breakdown, keeps the rain out, and folds up nice & tight.


2. Multi Tool


For everything from setting up camp to cooking, I bet you will be glad to have such a trusty tool. Getting so many tools like screwdriver, can/bottle opener, blade, saw, hook remover, nail file, hole puncher, etc. into just one compact pack, it will be a great helper for anyone heading outdoors.


3. Sleeping Bag and Pillow


Even though the forecast weather looks hot, you still need to bring a sleeping bag with your camping trip. Just as many of you know, there have temperature drops of 20 degrees or more at night on woodsy or mountainous areas.


So how to choose a sleeping bag? 3 requirements should be met - keep you warm, take few spaces, lightweight and easy to carry. Unless you want to face a rocky night's sleep, a pillow is also quite essential.


4. LED Flashlight/Lantern


A bright main lantern will serve very well while playing cards, preparing food and reading books around the campsite. A flashlight is also important for finding your way in the dark.


5. First Aid Kit


First-aid kit is one of the most important camping essentials you should bring. It could help you cope with many camping accidents, like burns, scratches, cuts, bumps, blisters, snakebites, etc. Please insure your first-aid kit has bandages, antiseptic, and aspirin, just before heading out. Don't arrive at your campsite without first-aid kit, and never go anywhere without it.

6. Binoculars

If you're an avid bird watcher or an adventurer who enjoys discovering new things, you will definitely appreciate bringing a good pair of binoculars. It provides a bright, crisp and impressively magnified view of everything you want to explore.


7. Map and Compass

Yes! You have a GPS on your phone. You have a GPS system in your car console. But you may not get a signal while in remote campsite or in the forest. So don't forget to bring your navigation essentials - a map and a compass, and keep them with you at all times in case your GPS is less than reliable.


8. Folding Chair

Gone are the days when you sat only on driftwood pieces, wet grass and rough terrain, or squatting around the camp fire while camping. Just with a camping chair, you can sit down anywhere anytime and bring the comforts of home with you into the great outdoors.


9. Clothing

Light and quick dry clothing with breathable fabric will be great for taking on an outing. Besides, you should take a wind/rain jacket or shell for handling inclement weather. Bringing along a microfiber towel is also very essential. It is compact, and can absorb a lot of moisture and dries quickly.


10. Camping Cookware - Portable Fuel Stove

Last but most important, bring a portable fuel stove along with your camp trip. Imagine after a whole day of trekking, all you want is just a plate of hot savory food for your growling stomach. With such a portable fuel stove, you can cook instant soup and noodles, boil water to make coffee, hot chocolate, etc.


Now take the camping essentials, get out of the town and head into the nature for great outdoors!