Time moves pretty fast. Often, we let it slip by, little by little. The short time waiting for a queue. A few minutes before the meeting. If you can make the most of the little times, even 5 minutes, that makes your whole day better. That would amount to 21 hours a year you'd get back.

How you use the little times makes you differ from others. And then, have a try on these 10 things in just 5 minutes.


1. Clean your workplace. An orderly desk makes you feel more organized and concentrate on your task at hand.

2. Take a walk, around your office.

3. Strech. Individuals are more likely to suffer a backache after sitting in front of the computer for a period of time. Streching exercise helps improve circulation and flexibility. Several simple movenents will make a great contribution to your health. 

4. Read 10-20 pages of a book. Reading makes a full man. A Portable Scanner also can scan what your like into a digital document.

5. Mediate. Numerous researches indicate that mediating daily, even 5 minutes, is able to apparently reduce stress.

6. Listen to a song. Different types of songs came into my phone. I prefer to enjoy music when waiting for the bus, always with humming. If you don't want to affect others, put on a pair of noise-canceling earphones noise-cancelling earphones.


7. Recite a short poem. There must be beautiful poems you like. I often write it down on a little paper. So it's convenient to carry anywhere, even when I'm standing on the bus where we're always packed like sardines.

8. Make a phone call. Call someone you haven't contacted with them for long, and you'll get unexpected bonus.

9. Pay people a compliment. As Dale Carnegie puts it: "Give honest and sincere appreciation." For instance, use "You looks very pretty in your new dress" instead of "You're so beautiful!".

10. Doing nothing. More hours don't mean more productivity. Your brain doesn't have to work around 24-7. To take a short break is to relax your brain, and thus improving efficiency.

Everyone owns a time account, with the same amount of 24h. Lost time is never found again. So, what will you do in those 5 minutes?