Looking for some awesome activities for your kids, but dazzled by millions of summer activities lists on the internet? Then, congratulations! You have stepped into the right place, for we will recommend 3 awesome and easy summer activities for kids. They are perfect for summer in that they are 1) fun, 2) meaningful, 3) designed to keep your kids mentally and physically healthy.


Letting Imagination Soar with a Remote Control Quadcopter


Compared with regular remote control helicopters, quadcopters are much easier to control and stay balanced, especially ideal for beginners. Flying a quadcopter can bring much fun for kids, as they can easily control it to ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left or right, cast fly and flips. Some quadcopters have built-in camera, which can provide kids unprecedented photographic experience and allow them to take photos and videos. So, just get one remote control quadcopter for your kids, and believe me, they will get much fun as limitless as the blue sky.


Going Faster, Further and Higher with Jumping Stilts


Your kids will never have been so happy to get a gift like a pair of jumping stilts. With it, they can run faster, bounce higher and have a thrilling and memorable experience. Worry about its difficulty in learning? Never mind! Actually, it is easy to learn. While most adults can balance on stilts after only a few minutes, you can really imagine how amazingly fast your kids will master them. But, remember that a set of protective pad is a must have for first users in case of extra injuries.


Shooting Like an NBA Star with a Kids Basketball Hoop


Basketball is also a fantastic sport to play. It offers a fun and healthy interactive way for your kids to build up health, improve social and coordination skills. Zapals provides a collection of basketball hoops, with which you can turn any place into a playful basketball court, indoor, outdoor, poolside, etc. They vary in different heights for kids of all ages. Just choose one for your kids.


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