Solving a Magic Cube benefits you kids so much. It boosts their spacious imagination, observation, reactivity, etc. Imagine that your little one may be able to beat the Australian Feliks Zemdegs through practice. He retained the Rubik's World Champ, by completing the Cube in less than 5.7 records.

There are 4 Creative Magic Cubes out there. Compared to traditional ones, each of them is a real brain teaser toy for younger puzzlers. Select one as a gift for your kids!


1. Megaminx


This 12-colored Megaminx is a puzzle in the shape of a dodecahedron, divided into 12 center pieces, 20 corner pieces and 30 edge pieces. Each face includes one center piece, 5 corner pieces and 5 edge pieces. It's a high-end cube for puzzle solvers, who desire out-of-the-box performance. Now imagine how long it takes to complete it.

2. Mastermorphix

The Mastermorphix, also called the Master Pyramorphix, is a shape modification from a normal 3x3 Cube. This 4 colored cube puzzle contains 4 triangular center pieces. The center pieces and corner pieces are interchangeable when it's twisted. Thus leading to numerous unique shapes, a lot of fun as well as a real challenge.

3. Master Skewb

Though the Master Skewb is cubic in shape, it's different from a common Rubik's construction. It contains 8 rotation axes. Each axis passes through each corner of the cube, instead of each face's center. Accordingly, each twist will influence all 6 faces. An amazing twist within the twisty puzzle.


 4. Mirror Cube

On the one hand, this Mirror Blocks Cube is quite similar to an ordinary 3x3 Cube. That is, to restore a Mirror Cube, you need to know how to restore a 3x3 Cube first. On the other hand, this Mirror Cube is solved according to the shapes since it is all one color. And during the restoration process, it can present myriads of cool configurations.