Those days have gone when women used to have one bag and carry it anywhere. As dazzling fashion trends emerge, things have changed. The bag is not just an item to hold things, but also a symbol of fashion and one of the most important parts of a woman's attire. Various types of bag have come out for different occasions and uses. An appropriate bag can make a woman charming. Therefore, it's time for women to know details of different bags and then have them in your closet. Here are 6 basic bag styles that every woman should own.


Handbag: The best option to carry anywhere when in doubt. Medium to large size, quite popular in daily life. It can hold almost all items like purse, cell phone, cosmetics, etc. Practical, fashionable and elegant.


Clutch: A must-have for every woman. It is a small bag that can be carried in hand or tucked under the arm, mainly suitable for evening dinner, party, dating, or other formal or informal occasions. It can give every outfit a polished, elegant and sleek look. You can hold your basic essentials like visiting card, credit card, room card, keys into it. There are various clutches in different styles, like mesh box, envelop, minaudiere, Chinese elements, woven case, geometric. Just find the right one for you.


Hobo Bag: One of the most loved classic bags and the best for daily wearing. It comes in a slouchy posture and features a crescent shape and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. When carried or laid down, it tends to slump downwards. Zapals hobo bag combines elegance and functionality and offers various choices for you to choose, including dressy bags and casual styles. Just update your look and create your own fashion style with one of these hobo bags.


Tote Bag: An everyday staple that never goes out of style. A classical tote bag usually has parallel handles from its sides and ample space for all your belongings. Zapals totes are quite versatile in sizes and styles from casual, classic, trendy and sophisticated, and they can meet all your needs for day, night, travel, errands and shopping. Besides, durable and high quality material as well as the delicate organization will also add elegance and good taste to you.


Cross-Body Bag: A perfect little bag that will keep your hands free while holding all your essentials - cell phones, wallets, keys in place. It is especially ideal for girls on-the-go. You can take it to the office, after-party, picnic or anywhere else when you don't want to be heavily burdened with a big bag.


Backpack: A slightly larger bag designed to be carried by two shoulder straps on the back. Suitable for occasions when we are on the go from one place to another. Zapals backpacks are characterized with spacious, stylish, practical and high quality. Whether you are on a trip, head for your office, or go shopping, our backpacks are perfect for you.


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