1. New Product - Retroflag SUPERPi Case J Edition / U Edition for Raspberry Pi 3B+/2B/3B

    The SUPERPi Case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3B+, 2B and 3B has officially landed! We are loving the awesome design of the case from the iconic retro game world. This console was one of the most classic ever made, and the iconic element makes the case super special. An awesome look and perfect functionality make the Retroflag SUPERPi Case J Edition one of the best on the market.


    It is made out of premium plastic and is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 2B and 3B. Being equipped with a safe shutdown and reset button gives that extra insurance of data security. Another addition to the case, is the small and easy to access SD card slot, LAN port and USB port without having to open the case at all. Having the settings of func

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  2. Qbuds Mini TWS Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Earbuds Earphones with Charging Case

    Finally, say goodbye to tangled headphone cables with Qbuds Mini True Wireless System Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Earbuds Earphones. With the clever TWS design, graphene diaphragm and CVC 6.0 smart noise deduction technology, these Mini Earbuds allows you to enjoy your music through great quality Hi-Fi sound all the while being tangle free. These are the latest and definitely will be your go to headphones, with included charging case, these are suitable for any setting either it be activities, exercise, driving, hands-free calls or daily use.


    Restore Original Sound

    Hear your great music crystal clear through the integrated graphene diaphragm and NdFeB magnet drive unit. With combination of the wireless technology and Hi-Fi sound, your musi

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  3. Top 5 Wireless Chargers to Power Up Your Qi-enabled Phone on Zapals

    As iPhone X supports Qi-standard wireless charging, wireless charger is catching on quick and for a number of solid reasons. Combining innovative design and advanced technology, no plug and wire needed, say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Just put down your phone to charge and pick up your phone to use. Let you enjoy the super convenient wireless charging.

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  4. M6 Portable DLP Projector Android 7.0

    Looking for what projector to purchase it is crucial to look at the basic function and the quality of the product. That’s why one of the industry’s leaders, JMGO have developed a projector that suit absolutely any lifestyle. Being compact and portable, not to mention its sleek design, the M6 Portable DLP Projector Android 7.0 is fitting for any scenario. Whether it be for the office, for home, gaming, or outdoor cinema, the mini projector displays the best quality image on the largest screen. Presenting only the utmost configuration, the mini DLP stands as one of the best projectors on the market.


    Best of Best Configuration

    JMGO’s release of their newest and modified mini portable projector only produces the best configuration. With up to 200 ANS

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  5. JMGO V8 4K Android Projector Full HD 1080P 3D Bluetooth 4.0

    JMGO’s latest release of compact, portable and powerful mini projector takes watching a movie or television to a brand-new level. Being one of the newest and most up to date releases of the year, the V8 4K Projector at Full HD 1080P 3D Bluetooth 4.0. gives you the experience 300 inches of big screen TV absolutely anywhere whether it be installed or portable.


    Featuring high performance and extremely high contrast ratio of 5000:1 there’s absolutely no glitch or errors in your screening. Displaying a crisp image on 300 inches of big screen with the resolution of up to FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels supports 4k ultra HD video for that massive cinema image. Having the ability to support active 3D gives you that extra option of that viewing experience you can bring h

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  6. Best Wearables - The Top Choices for You at

    As electronics get ever smaller and cheaper, the devices that contain them have done the same. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of wearable technology, where tiny watches, trackers, bracelet have more power and better specifications than gear that required its own backpack a few years ago.

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  7. Top 5 Ear Hanging Phone Bluetooth Dialer Under $20 on Zapals

    The ear hanging phone/Bluetooth dialer is made to be paired easily with your mobile phone and is practical to operate. It supports SIM card and functions as standard-sized phone. With it’s attractive and user-friendly design, it provides true hands-free convenience and exceptional ease-of-use. Keeping in touch and making your calls without carrying your big-sized smartphone.

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  8. Top 5 USB Flash Drive to Buy on Zapals

    For quick and simple transfer of everything from your photos to your business files, keeping a flash drive around is a smart idea. Welcome to our post of the top 5 USB Flash Drive. In this guide we'll look at a range of brilliant flash memory that offers fast speed, large storage capacity and affordable price.

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  9. 5 Latest Best-selling Xiaomi Gadgets on Zapals

    Xiaomi has conquered the hearts and minds of customers worldwide with its wide variety of products from smartphones, and fitness bands to tablets and rideables. If you are a fan of Xiaomi, you might as well take a few minutes to have a look at the post and view the lately top 5 best-selling Xiaomi gadgets on Zapals.

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