Top 6 Best-Selling Mini Phones that Let You Do Big Things Cell phones (or mobile phones), have been present since 1973. Today, still, cell phones with the most up-to-date features are being produced on the double. Wide touchscreens, incredible display and image resolutions, amazing sound quality and many other features making life easier and merrier make up new phones today. But have you heard of mini phones? They’re not so famous to everyone now since they’re not the trendy ones, but it’s so interesting to find out about them and their relevant functions for people. Surely, they aren’t the “thing” today, but you can do a lot with them. Below are the top 6 best-selling mini phones in Zapals. Find out their exceptional features and be amazed at how similar yet different they are with normal cell phones. #6 - iFcane E1 Credit Card Size Mini Unlocked 2G Mobile Phone for Students

How on earth can you conveniently put your phone inside your wallet? iFcane E1 knows how. Very slim and very light, this mini phone enables you to make calls and to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. Radio, MP3, alarm clock and a full mute function are included in its basic features. Its LED screen measures only an inch, but it has a huge battery capacity that can last for 7 days standby. iFcane E1 is beneficial for parents and their kids, for students and for working people since it doesn’t have games and Internet access which results to more productivity. #5 - BM70 Mini Bluetooth Headphone Phone 4G SIM Support

Tagged as the smallest and most adorable mini phone, BM70 is as small as a thumb but can direct and receive calls, save 250 phone numbers and play music like a normal phone. It has a 0.66'' OLED screen and bump buttons making it easy to use. It comes with earbuds you can attach and remove as desired. Don’t underestimate BM70 because apart from the usual, it has a large-capacity, built-in battery. Also, it can operate as a remote control camera for Android cell phones. Wow-ing indeed! #4 - BM10 Mini 3310 Mobile Phone with Micro SD Card Slot Voice Changer

With a delightful large battery capacity, BM10 allows calling, texting and enjoying music. It’s health-friendly since its radiation is only 1/7 of a regular phone. It can be connected to other devices or used independently and can contain 100 messages and 500 contact numbers. Remarkably, BM10 doesn’t only allow a great quality conversation even in noisy places but gives you a new voice as you converse using its voice changing feature. #3 - NEWMIND Sports Car Model F15 Mini Flip Cellphone for Kids Students

With its cool style, you won’t notice that NEWMIND F15 is a phone! A dual sim dual standby (DSDS) flip cell phone that looks like a sports car, NEWMIND F15 is made with outstanding materials. Together with recorder, alarm clock and calendar, the camera is its special feature. Although it’s eye-catching, it’s not as prone to robbery as modern phones since it doesn’t look like a phone while bent. #2 - S08 1.3" Fidget Spinner Unlocked Cell Phone Dual SIM GPRS Bluetooth FM Radio

S08 offers a lot of “duals”. It provides a combination of both leisure and usefulness. With its dual sim design and Micro SD card slot, you can send messages, listen to songs, use the radio and enjoy games in one mini phone. Enjoy great quality music and converse clearly with its dual speaker. Its battery life doubles that of a normal battery. Uniquely, SO8 has a dual purpose; it’s also a Fidget Spinner (with a flashlight) which can be used to relieve stress and overcome unhealthy habits. #1 - M60 3 in 1 Mini GSM Mobile Phone Bluetooth Dialer Headset with LED Flashlight

When you hold your cell phone today, you spend lots of time with it and leave out the more important responsibilities. Meanwhile, using M60 cares for your productivity as you can just hang it on your ear with its silicone ear hook, and your hands can work on other things. With its thin and thumb-sized structure, it’s definitely hand--smaller than a lighter and its width is like a coin’s. It can be brought anywhere without worrying that it’ll be bulky. You can make and receive calls and listen to music as it can be used as a Bluetooth dialer connected to your phone or tablet. It’s small but it has a DSDS feature, a TF card support, LED flashlight and wider global roaming capabilities. Most importantly, it has ultra-low radiation safe for the environment and for humans. --------------------------- There you have it. 6 mini phones which are definitely worth-buying! With them, you can save space, time and energy and can be more productive in many ways. These phones are mini, but what they can do is big.