feiyu g5 gimbal

GoPro cameras have become one of the most popular methods of capturing outdoor footage, however most of the time the footage which has been captured is unusable because of the loud and shakiness performance. With so many handheld gimbals on the market it can be tough to find the perfect one for your use and lifestyle.

The Feiyu G5 Triaxial Handheld Gimbal is one of Zapals newest additions to their Triaxial Handheld Gimbal line, it features cutting-edge technology that is best suited to travellers, photographers and videographers.


This Triaxial Handheld Gimbal features a new cutting-edge waterproof design technology, perfect for the adventurous individuals who enjoy creating footage in the rain or by the sea without the worry of stray water splashes. This specific Triaxial Handheld Gimbal has a built-in shortcut perfect for taking selfies with the new Hero5 voice activated feature.

Extremely Smooth

The innovative brushless motor has adopted the hallow magnet senor technology which allows the individual to create footage that is both soundless and extremely smooth. The Feiyu G5 Triaxial Handheld Gimbal is perfect photographers, videographers and individuals who create vlogs as this triaxial handheld gimbal has an incredible foldable design which makes it perfect for portable use.

Expansion Design

The expansion design is suitable for users such as photographer’s as it can easily be attached to their equipment.

The Feiyu G5 Triaxial Handheld Gimbal is perfect for all types of users as it is extremely versatile because of its upgraded and advanced features. These features include the brushless motor, foldable and waterproof design.