yg400 mini projector

Gone are the days when going to the cinema is the only way to see a movie. Today, you can easily get a copy of your favourite movie and watch it from your cosy couch. But of course, viewing it from your laptop or TV LCD won't beat the marvellous audio-visual impact of big screens - unless you get a high-definition projector that offers pretty much the same thing.


Innovations, aiming at improving human experience, have introduced new projector models that have shrunk down in size but not on performance. Portable models, which are sleek and lightweight, make it possible for you to view movies, pictures, and games, anywhere and anytime. One of the state-of-the-art projector models you'd love to have is the AAO YG-400 Portable Mini 1080P LED Projector.



The AAO YG-400 Portable Mini 1080P LED Projector features the following specifications:


Sleek and Stylish Design

  • Classy Appearance

The AAO YG-400 Portable Mini 1080P LED Projector boasts its attractive mod design. The sleek and smooth surface is glazed in white, and it comes with a high-gloss coating lens.

  • Shrunk size for ease

The portable projector is lightweight, which serves as a huge edge over its bulky counterparts. You can effortlessly bring it anywhere for it only measures 930g in weight and 200.5mm, 145.5mm, and 75.3mm in length, width, and height.

  • Sustainability

Planning to ditch sleep and binge-watch with your family? This projector got you covered. The premium LED lamp comes with about 30,000 hour’s life. It's energy-saving as well. It has a low power consumption without affecting its stable performance.


Small Box, Big Picture

  • High Resolution

Though it's as light as a book, the portable LED projector boasts its 800 x 480 physical resolution and its screen ratio of 16:10. It can display high-quality videos and images up to 1080P with 3D effect support.

  • High Brightness

The projector features 1000 lumens with 1000:1 contrast ratio, which enables you to get clear, bright, and sharp images in a low-lit room.

  • Wide Range of Projection Distance

It has a projection distance that ranges from 1.5 meters to 4.0 meters. With its high-quality focusing lens, the screen size can be adjusted manually from 50 inches to 130 inches, to give you a viewing experience relative to little movie houses.

  • Did we say you can only watch on walls?

Say yes to more bedroom movies as this portable LED projector transforms your ceiling into a movie screen. Unlike mounted and fixed projectors, it can be tilted so you can lay down comfortably and enjoy the show on your bedroom ceiling. 


Compatibility at its Best

  • Multi-interface

Your data can come from a wide range of sources. The portable LED projector comes with AV, VGA, HDMI, SD card, and USB sockets which are compatible with DVD/VCD players, laptop or desktop PC, TV boxes, game consoles, and even mobile phones.

  • Advanced Decoding

This small but terrible projector features advanced H.264?MPEG4/REAL/AFS decoding technology which supports most video formats.


With these excellent features, any venue can be converted into a true home theater in just a few minutes. Just provide a dark room with a blank wall (or ceiling) and your projector takes care of your cinematic experience anytime and anywhere. 


How to use


Turning On and Off

  • Use the power supply and the power adaptor designated for the device. Make sure to connect the power adapter to the projector first before plugging the adapter into the power socket.
  • Once you plug the power cable or adapter in, press the power button once and wait for the LED light to turn on, indicating that it's working. Press the power button once to turn the device off.


Connecting Media to the Projector

  • The device is suitable for various players and video sources. The rear and sides of the projector body contain designated sockets or ports for different media. The image below is provided for reference.
connecting media to the yg400 projectort


Adjusting the focus

  • Just like DSLRs, the lens of the projector should be adjusted manually to project a clearer and sharper image.
  • Refer to the indicated projection distance and screen size then place the projector at a certain place within the distance scale.
  • To adjust and sharpen out the projected image, lightly rotate the lens with your thumb and forefinger until you get your desired image quality.


Caring for your Projector

  • The projector should be put in a dry, clean, and dust-free area with good ventilation.
  • Avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight nor place it near heat-radiating appliances.
  • Don't place the device on materials like cloth and paper which could block the ventilation holes.
  • Keep the device and its power adapter away from any apparatus with water to prevent electric shock.
  • Turn off the device and unplug when not in use to save energy.
  • Refrain from looking directly into the lens while the device is currently working to protect your eyes from damage. 


What's included in the package?

The AAO YG400 Mini 1080P LED projector comes with 1 power adapter, 1 controller, 1 3-in-1 AV cable, 1 holding screw, and 1 user's manual booklet.


For its reasonable promotional price of $ 55.99, the state-of-the-art projector is definitely a steal. While it's brilliant for home or casual use, the projector model is not recommended for professional purposes (e.g. business presentations). The projected image may be too dim for daylight use and the texts may not be razor-sharp.