Virtual reality is finally here and the miracle of smartphone! Just in one second, your smartphone will become an exclusive 3D theater. Watching screaming 3D movies, exploring new worlds, playing immersive games - there is something for everyone, anytime and anywhere. All you need is a 3D VR headset and a smartphone. Unlike traditional 3D glasses, this unique VR headset is specially designed for smartphones and promises users a totally new depth of immersive experience.


Fantastic 3D Effects, Awesome Feeling


Yes! You don't have to rush into the cinema to enjoy 3D movies any more. Just experience the fantastic visual feasts whenever you want. Real IMAX theater enjoyment, super high-definition display, 360 degree panorama, all these will make you feel that you were just in the cinema or in a real games world.


Viewing Confidential and Private Documents at Ease


Just have peace of mind when viewing confidential and private videos or pictures. Never worry others will know or peek your screen furtively.


Comfortable and Healthy Watching Experience


Wear a headband, and adjust the tightness to give maximum comfort for your head. With soft sponge eye mask, you will forget you are even wearing them. Environmental friendly material has no radiation and no harm to your eyes. Various watching positions, standing, sitting, or lying, can effectively avoid fatigue.


Compatible with Various Sizes of Smartphones


Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones. Different VR headset may have different screen requirements, such as 4.0 - 6.5, 4.7 - 6, 4 - 5.7, 4 - 6, 3.6 - 6 inch.


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