Going overseas? Don’t be left in the airport because your baggage doesn’t fit the requirements. While some flight attendants, and airport staff can be quite lenient on the size and weight of your bag, it’s best not to tempt fate. The general rule is that you are able to bring one 48cm x 34cm x 23cm bag and one personal bag.  

When packing, think about how much shopping you’re planning to do on your trip. If you’ll be buying lots of clothes and shoes, it’s unnecessary to bring a lot on your way there.

Rule of thumb: two sets of clothes (excluding shoes) per day for three quarters of your trip. This will allow you to get one set messy from life! If you have a plan for your days there,

Keep a checklist of everything you pack, because if you’re like me, something always goes missing when I travel!

Last of all, weigh your bags BEFORE you go to the airport. Zapals sells cheap luggage scales that are all lightweight, strong, sturdy, and portable!