Bluedio F800 - Fully Immersive Listening Experience

The Bluedio F800 is the perfect headset for music lovers that are looking for a fully immersive listening experience. It’s cutting edge technology allows for a clear and dynamic deep bass sound.


The Bluedio F800 is a stereo headphone set that features noise cancelling, wireless Bluetooth connectivity for an easy listening experience. Its comfortable ear cushions and adjustable headstand ensure a comfortable fit for long durations of time.

Active Noise Cancelling Technology

Using high-tech active noise cancelling technology, which significantly isolates the surrounding noise. The Bluedio F800 stereo headphones feature ear cushions which additionally blocks out external sound.

Bass Boost System

Boasting extra large 57mm drivers which enhance music resolution and lower the total harmonic distortion, which lets you enjoy every detail of the sound. ANC activation further allows improved bass listening whilst retaining the original sound of the music.

Long Battery Life

Powered using an energy saving battery system and utilising a Bluetooth 4.1 low-power playback, the Bluedio F800 can play for up to 200 hours. It’s fast charging system allows the battery to be fully charged in up to 2 hours.

The Bluedio F800 is the ideal headset for a true music enthusiast because of its cutting edge music technology.