Sick of the radio? We get it! Justin Bieber wants to know if its too late to say sorry because he's going to take us home to momma. 

Even though #Jelena are over (don’t question it), your car rides don't have to be dictated by the constant repeating of 10 songs. . Want to know how I know? Because you can love whatever kind of music you want so it doesn't matter if nobody else want to listen to it.  

It’s your car!

Even though you can get your favourite artists to sing live in your commute (Madonna said she would have to be paid $30 million to have to sing Like A Virgin), your phone is the next best thing.

Zapals has a great range of car accessories so you can stick your phone just about anywhere. 

Why not buy our Car Steering Wheel Phone Mount Holder so your technological extension to your body is always within arms reach, literally!  This phone mount has adjustable clips that can open up to 75mm, an elastic fixed design so it fits snug around any wheel diameter, its easy to install, and embedded with silicone to protect your phone from bumps and scratches.

Or what about the Car Windshield Mount Mobile Phone Holder Deep Pink? It can be used for any mobile phone, GPS or MP4. Its features include: easy installation and detaching, 360 degree head ball rotation, lock and unlock through rotation, and sucks onto any smooth, clean, and flat surface.

So open up your Spotify, Tidal (lol jk), or iTunes app on your smart phone and fill your car with your favourite songs. It’s time to turn up the volume, roll down the window, and sing along loudly. Very, very loudly.