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  1. Saturday, November 11, 2017 6:06:04 PM Asia/Shanghai
    Racing Enthusiasts - JJRC Q40 RC Dirt Truck With Christmas just around the corner, the stress of finding the ideal presents can become a lot to handle on top of your already busy schedule. Zapals have just released a variety of exciting present ideas and the JJRC Q40 Dirt Truck 1/12 RC Buggy Car Short-course Truck is one of the most popular chooses.

    High Performing

    The JJRC Q40 Dirt has been designed for all the off-road racing enthusiasts, due to its high performing 390 brushed engine that enables the truck to reach speeds of up to 35km/h.


    For additional stability, the toy truck is equipped with a 1:12 Four-wheel drive system. This system will provide the JJRC Q40 Dirt with a strong cross-country power and impressive climbing ability.

    Excellent Grip

    With shock absorb and TPR Tyres, the toy truck has excellent all-terrain grip, you are able to have a smoother run and prolong the serves life of the truck. For precise positioning, the JJRC Q40 Dirt has a 19G high speed servo that reaches 10N/m.


    The differential design between the front and rear of the JJRC Q40 Dirt will assist in stabilizing the truck while turning on a sharp turn. The 7.4V 1500mAh built-in battery provides you up to 15 minutes of driving time.


    The JJRC Q40 Dirt is suitable for a range of road terrains such as sand, off road, grasslands, rocky roads etc.

    Choosing the JJRC Q40 Dirt modal as your motorized toy truck enables you to experience all types of terrains without the nagging feeling of destroying the JJRC Q40 Dirt.

  2. Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:38:08 PM Asia/Shanghai
    Freshener Odor Remover

    Do you hate the odor that comes out of your fridge from the fruit and vegetable going old? Or your clothes and shoes coming out of the wardrobe with a weird smell? The Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer Refrigerator Freshener Odor Remover will help to remove the undesirable odor and bacteria levels from your refrigerator and closest.


    The Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer Refrigerator Freshener Odor Remover has been designed with the low-concentration ozone and negative ions technology, this will automatically remove and sterilize the unwanted order and kill any bacteria in your fridge, thus keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for a prolonged period of time.


    The large 4400mAh battery of the deodorizer will support up to 35 days of use with one single charge. The easy to control nature of this odor remover has a built-in generator system which controls the operation cycle and working mode by one single touch.


    The Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer Refrigerator Freshener Odor Remover uses internationally recognized standards of environmentally-friendly, anti-bacterial and moisture- proof materials to protect the ozone motor complements and to prolong the lifespan of the fruit and vegetables in your fridge.


    The 1.3mm thickened aluminium alloy casing and the anodic oxidation surface treatment of the Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer will bring the users a comfortable tactile sensation.

    The multifunctional features of the Atongm KT-6830 Fridge Deodorizer not only can be used for your refrigerator but also for other airtight spaces such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets and preservation boxes.