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  1. Wednesday, September 27, 2017 6:35:35 PM Asia/Shanghai
    DDPai M6 - New Dashcam to be your Driving Partner

    Whether you are a taxi driver, driving enthusiasts or just a normal motorist, having a dash cam can be beneficial. The DDPai M6 dash cam offers a wide range of features that will cater to any motorists’ needs.


    The DDPai M6 is a 140 degree camera that offers 1080p FHD resolution for videos and images, providing a crisp and clear image of surroundings and events. Its Exmor CMOS sensor allows for an improved night recording experience.

    Remote Shooting

    Using the remote shooting feature, you can capture images from your dashcam whether you are in the driver’s seat, back seat or not in your car at all. The images of video will then be transferred to your smartphone after seconds, allowing you to stay up to date at all times.

    High Resolution

    The DDPai M6 offers a high resolution image and video capturing feature which ensures clear and crisp images. Its 1080p FHP videos are saved onto the device and can be transferred to a smartphone or laptop for improved viewing.


    The downloadable DDPai app will support large video clips and will allow you save images and videos as well as share this content on social media platforms. This app also allows for remote shooting

    The DDPai M6 is the ideal dash cam for a wide range of motorists that are concerned about safety, driving experience or simply interested in the growing trend.

  2. Wednesday, July 19, 2017 11:42:46 AM Asia/Shanghai
    viofo a119 dash cam

    Dash cams have become increasingly popular amongst car owners as its one of the most effective ways of capturing any car accidents or thefts that occur. It can be difficult to find the perfect dash cam model for your vehicle with so many models out on the market.

    The newest car dash cam model to drop in Zapals latest release is the VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera with GPS Module. This dash cam features the latest technology that is perfect for users who are always on the road in high traffic areas.


    The VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera with GPS Module has the latest in 1440P resolution, which captures up to 30 frames per second with a 4MP CMOS lens. With the exceptional new 16o degree wide angle view, users will be able to capture every single detail in front of their windshield without ever missing a frame.

    Night Performance

    This car dash cam has the luxury of the first-class night performance, which allows the dash cam to capture footage in low light situations perfect for night time driving!


    A capacitor can typically have a higher heat tolerance and longer lifespan than a regular battery, by using the capacitor as the power supple the VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera bypasses the tenacious issues such as over-heating, exploding and missing files.

    Rotatable Lens

    With the new rotatable lens, the VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera allows car owners to adjust the view angle from every angle, therefore giving you maximum flexibility in finding the perfect shooting angle.

    The VIOFO A119 1440P HD Car Dash Camera with GPS Module is particularly perfect for drivers who drive in high traffic areas during all times of the day because of its advanced features.