qcy q29 black blutooth headset

Not so long ago, a highly-acclaimed company's bold move of getting rid of the standard headphone jacks from their newest smartphone models had everyone gone wild. Some patrons applauded the idea, while some thought it was a big joke (and a complete waste of money). But whether or not you agree with their “love for innovation”, we cannot deny that going minimal, cordless, and hands-free in today's fast-paced era is quite certain.


Enter the wireless headsets. They aren't just a fad – they are all about convenience. No hassles, no tangles; just a lightweight and sleek in-ear accessory you can easily wear and use. They come in all shapes and sizes too, and they are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices (socket-free or not).


Ready to cut the cord? Ditch your traditional earphones and hop on the bandwagon by switching to a wireless headset that enables you to listen to music freely and make hands-free calls. The ​QCY Q29 Mini Bluetooth Headset​ ​is a great product to begin with.


The ​QCY Q29 Mini Bluetooth Headset is a small, nearly invisible, and comfortable to wear gear designed to make calls as well as listening to music and video files more convenient. The mini Bluetooth headset comes with a portable pocket-sized integrated case which functions both as a holder and a charger.

The QCY Q29 Mini Bluetooth Headset boasts the following specifications:

Aesthetics and Ergonomic Design