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  1. Friday, November 10, 2017 5:54:17 PM Asia/Shanghai
    Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi APP Control

    Living in a house with pets or children can start to become increasingly messier as they grow up, once you’ve finished cleaning on section of your home and start on the next, what you have previously just cleaned has now become another mess.

    With the new Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi APP Control, you can now simply turn on the robot vacuum and move onto the next chore while the robot completes its rounds.


    Controlling the Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner via the downloadable MI Home app. The app allows you to control the Diqee remotely, schedule cleaning times and select the cleaning mode. The robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging station when the battery life is below 20%.


    Equipped with a 3000mAh Lithium battery, the Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner has up to 1 hour and 40 minutes of endurance time, in this time the vacuum can clean up to 130 square meters of your home.

    Cleaning Mode

    The Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner was designed with a strong built-in cleaning mode, with the combination of the 1000PC large suction and the strong suction is parented up with a 1200PA deep clean mode. These two features combined will leave your home spotless.


    Not only does the Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner vacuum your home it can also mop. The vacuum has a 150ML water tank and 28cm mop, this will effectively clean your floors without you needing to complete the manual labour. The vacuum also has an additional 500ML dust box that will effectively filter the dust and mites in your home.

    The Diqee 330C Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution to your cleaning needs.

  2. Friday, October 20, 2017 4:22:05 PM Asia/Shanghai
    eken h9r action camera

    Are you an adventurous individual that lives for the thrill of the outdoor world? With the EKEN H9R 4K Wide Angle WiFi Action Camera it’s now easier to capture and document all of your stunning and high-resolution images and videos.


    The EKEN H9R 4K Wide Angle WiFi Action Camera features some of the most advanced technology in cameras making it perfect action camera for adrenaline filled travellers or quite family holidays due to its incredible resilience.


    With a 2-inch TFT LCD Screen, you are able to instantly preview and playback your captured footage in a large easy to see display. Shoot incredibly clear footage with the 4K @ 60fps high resolution camera pixels.


    A 170-degree wide angle lens will ensure you will never miss a single frame or detail and capture a full view of the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Remotely control the EKEN Action Camera with EZ iCam app, simply download the app onto your smartphone device and instantly review computed footage.


    The 2.4BG remote control allows you to instruct the EKEN action camera from up to 10 meters away with a simple bush of a button. The EKEN has been designed with a 30m waterproof housing design, this will enable you to capture footage on land or in the water without damaging the camera.


    Having a camera that can with stand extreme uses such as outdoor activities, sports, riding bicycles, driving and kayaking is majorly beneficial, it will take away all of the unnecessary doubts of the camera potentially breaking.

    The EKEN H9R 4K Wide Angle WiFi Action Camera with Remote is the idea action camera for adventurous individuals and families with because of its incredible sturdiness.

  3. Friday, October 20, 2017 2:48:09 PM Asia/Shanghai
    Broadlink Black Bean RM Mini 3

    Want to turn your regular home into a smart home? With the advanced Broadlink Black bean you can have remote control over all the appliances and devices in your home from your smartphone or tablet.


    The free downloadable app called Mi Home will enable you to have instant control over your devices. Once you have connected the Broadlink to your home you are able to have complete control over appliances and devices such as TV, TV Box, Air Conditioner, DVD etc.


    The Broadlink bean has been designed with an enhanced signal with the upgraded wifi 3.0 3D chip, this will ensure you have a reduced amount of interference while using the Bean.


    The Broadlink beans scene setting is easily customized with one single key, you will be able to switch on lamps, turn on fans and heaters while sitting comfortably in a chair or when you’re out.

    Sleeping Mode

    Having the sleeping mode activated on the Broadlink bean will detect the room temperate and will accommodate to your needs, whether that be turning the fan or heater on to ensure you have a peaceful sleep.


    Connecting the Broadlink bean to the internet will allow it to automatically update itself to ensure it has all the latest technology to keep your home smart. The elegant design of the Broadlink black bean allow it to easily blend into your home.

    Having the Broadlink Black Bean in your home will help to reduce the stress of getting ready in the mornings due to its advanced audio features that allow you to verbally command it.