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  1. Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:41:56 AM Asia/Shanghai
    oneplus 5

    Enjoy the new OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone, this mobile has been designed with advanced technology to ensure you have an improved experience while using this device.

    Dual Cameras

    The OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone has dual cameras built into it, the primary camera has a 20MP + 16MP lens and a 16MP front facing camera. The benefit of the large mega pixels allows you to take pictures and videos to be proud of.

    Fast Charging

    In just 30 minutes you are able to charge the OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone with enough power to last an entire day with the dash charging feature. The qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor is paired with an 8GB RAM, this will provide you to complete a range of tasks and use multiple applications without slowing the smartphone down.


    The 5.5inch touchscreen display has been designed with a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, this will display deep colours with improved viewing angels. The OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone comes with a 128GB storage, with the memory you won’t need to worry about deleting apps or photos to free up storage space.


    The OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone has been designed with a 7.25mm thick shell casing with subtly rounded edges, this will ensure the phone feels comfortable in your pocket and won’t weigh you down. The horizontal line means the OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone has a unique look compared to other phones currently on the market.

    The OnePlus 5 4G Smartphone is the ideal phone for business men and women who need a smartphone that has the ability to keep up with the harsh workload without freezing or loosing files..

  2. Saturday, July 8, 2017 2:56:59 PM Asia/Shanghai
    samsung galaxy s8

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2inch Smartphone Dual Sim is one of the most advanced, cutting VR Ready smart phones available on the current market. The larger screen and sleek design allow for improved user experience and a higher resolution display.



    The improved Quad processor allows users to run game and more applications quicker with more stability – that means, the device is less likely to crash, freeze or slow down. This is perfect for users that require a fast and reliable smart phone system that can withstand large file downloads, gaming and others.


    Business people that travel internationally will benefit from the dual sim feature as it is possible to use two mobile phone carriers at once, with two different nano sim cards. Rather than continually changing, swapping and losing sim cards, business can be accomplished on one device anywhere in the world.

    New Voice Assistant

    The new voice assistant feature Bixby allows users to implement voice search and voice command on their device for more accessible and efficient hands-free use. With Bixby users are also able to use the camera for cutting edge, futuristic image search at the snap of a button.

    Security Protection

    For more advanced security protection, the Galaxy S8 Plus not only features fingerprint scanning and recognition but also iris scanning technology that detects the patterns of an individual’s iris which are highly difficult and almost impossible to replicate. Therefore, your phone remains locked, contents private and information secured.

    The ​Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2inch is the perfect smartphone for individuals that are always on the go, as this device has features such as the dual sim and quad processor that allows the user for a more potable use.