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  1. Saturday, October 14, 2017 11:04:30 AM Asia/Shanghai
    xiaomi dafang ip camera

    Protecting your home from potential thieves has become increasingly easier with the Xiaomi Dafang Motion detection camera, connect to your home anytime, anywhere with the Dafang IP Camera, this security camera supports a 1080P resolution to ensure you capture footage that is vivid and clear.


    With a F 2.3 aperture lens and an ultra-wide 120 degree viewing angle, the Dafang will cover every square inch of your home. The intelligent detection feature on the Dafang will detected abnormal movement and will be marked with a green frame to ensure it is easy to find the correct frame.


    The Xiaomi Defang Security camera has been designed to easily blend into your home with is miniature size and natural colour.


    A built-in microphone will enable you to have a remote two-way communication with whoever is in your home. The IR night vision of the Xiaomi smart camera will capture footage at night or in dark places with a 6pcs 940nm infrared LED’s, to ensure the footage you capture is visible.

    Video Storage

    The Xiaomi Dafang extended video storage will allow you to not only use an SD card to expand the cameras storage space, you are able to connect a USB flash drive to expand the memory even further the storage space.


    You are able to remotely access your Xiaomi Dafang Security Camera via your smartphone, simply download the Mi Home app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store to have instant access.

    The Xiaomi Dafang's updated and advanced features enable it to be an accurate security camera system that will capture every single detail.

  2. Thursday, August 31, 2017 5:15:31 PM Asia/Shanghai
    Xiaomi Panoramic Action Camera

    Being a travel and adventure enthusiast, you will need a durable camera with phenomenal shooting angles and stability to capture the best footage. The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof 360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera is the ideal camera for you because of its upgraded and advanced features and design.


    The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Action Camera has been designed to eliminate all blind spots with two extra wide angled fisheye lenses with a F2.0 aperture, this enables the camera to record 360-degree videos.


    Two SONY sensors allow you to capture seamless and high-quality images with a resolution of 6912 x 3456. The Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera has a Ambarella image processing chip that’ll record at 3456 x 1728/30fps or 2304 x 1152/60fps resolution for a better-quality image/video.

    Image Stabilizer

    A 6-axis electronic image stabilizer will reduce any shaky movements and will correct the image, this feature will be extremely useful for shooting while doing extreme movements. The exterior design of the Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera has been designed to protect it against dust and splashes of water, exposure to direct sunlight or water will have no effect on it.


    The downloadable Mi panoramic app will support large video clips and will allow you to edit the footage, add background music and post photos directly to your social media platforms.
    The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof 360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera can connect to a range of electronic devices and will allow you to display your footage in real life. The Xiaomi Mijia can take up to 200 shots fully charged before needing a battery recharge.

    The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof 360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera is the ideal camera for adventure enthusiast because of its durable design and advanced technical features..

  3. Thursday, August 31, 2017 5:07:35 PM Asia/Shanghai
    xiaomi sports headphone

    Ready to run that extra mile but your earphones are continuously falling out? Xiaomi Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Headphones allow you to push further with the comfortable design.


    The structural copper wiring and PET ultra-diaphragm of the Xiaomi Sports Headphones will ensure you are experiencing an incredible music streaming. Adopting an advanced CSR8645 chip the Xiaomi Headphones support Multiple Bluetooth connection simultaneously.


    The design of the Xiaomi Sports Headphones has been designed with an ultra-lightweight and TPU material for comfortable wear while still providing stability with the behind-the-ear design and comfortable ear tip. The only reminder you’ll have to remind you you’re wearing them is the superior sounds of your favourite playlist playing in your ears.


    The Xiaomi Sports Headphones have up to eight hours of listening time from one single charge. Subtle voice alerts you to know how much listening time you have left. A sweatproof and water design allows you to carry on with your busy lifestyle without the worry of short circuiting your earphones while exercising.


    The Xiaomi Headphones come with a total of 5 silicone earmuff earbud pairs to satisfy all your of your different auditory experiences.

    Remote Control

    You are able to remotely control your music play or answering calls freely with the Xiaomi Bluetooth sport earbuds, the earphones adopt a separate microphone and volume control button design to easily switch between calls and music.

    The Xiaomi Sports Headphones are the perfect set of earphones for fitness enthusiasts because of its lightweight, wireless and sweatproof design. .

  4. Thursday, August 31, 2017 4:59:08 PM Asia/Shanghai
    xiaomi electric sonic toothbrush

    Do you live a busy lifestyle? Are you always in a rush and don’t have the time to properly brush your teeth? With the new Mijia electric toothbrush you are able to clean every inch of your teeth with its sonic vibration system. This well effective clean not only your teeth but will ensure your entire mouth is healthy.


    The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush uses a magnetic levitation sonic motor with vibration speeds up to 3100 per minute to efficiently clean your teeth and gums. The Mijia creates a unique cleaning action that drives fluid deep between the teeth and along the gum line for a thorough-deep clean.

    Three Modes

    The smart electric toothbrush has three different modes, standard, soft and customized. You’re able to freely switch between the three modes with the click of the power button.

    App Connect

    Connecting to the downloadable app via Bluetooth you are able to check the data of your brushing with the built-in acceleration sensor. This sensor will monitor your tooth bushing gestures and monitor the areas you brush.


    The built-in 700mAh lithium rechargeable battery of the Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush is able to work for up to 18 days fully charged, the remaining battery can be checked via the downloadable app.

    How to Charge

    The soft DuPont bristles have been increase by 40% ensuring your teeth and gums remain undamaged. The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush can be charged by a power band that it able to connect to your computer and laptop.


    The whole body of the Mijia is washable and can be left in the bathroom without the worry of it being potentially damaged by stray water splashes.

    The Xiaomi Mijia Waterproof Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush is the perfect toothbrush for those who live busy life stylies.

  5. Thursday, August 31, 2017 4:39:13 PM Asia/Shanghai
    xiaomi vacuum cleaner

    Has household cleaning become too much to handle? Are you in need of an extra hand around the house? The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum will take vacuuming off your list of household chores as the smart vacuum will clean and remove dust in all those hard to reach places automatically.

    The High sensitivity and precision sensor system of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with App Control uses its set of 12 sensors to map out the interior of your home.


    A laser distance sensor will allow the Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum to do a 360-degree scan of its surroundings with a high speed of 1800 times per second to create the best cleaning route. The Smart Robot has two cleaning modes, Edge cleaning and Zigzag mode. The Xiaomi will start off cleaning in the edge cleaning mode to clean to entire perimeter of your home and once that is complete, the zigzag mode will commence until cleaning is complete.

    Auto Recharge

    Once the Xiaomi reaches a low battery charge it will return to the charging dock to automatically recharge. If the charge is less than 20% while the Xiaomi is cleaning, it will return to the charging dock to recharge up until 80% and will continue cleaning.

    Shock Absorber

    The anti-vibration shock absorber and 5mp camera will ensure you capture clear and smooth footage. The AirSelfie was designed with one of the main purposes of being extremely portable. Because the drone weighs only 61g and enclosed in a durable anodized aluminium case this drone is extremely efficient.

    Cleaning Sensor

    The 10mm edge cleaning sensor will keep the smart vacuum a distance of 10 mm from any walls in your home and will effectively clean the edges with a side brush to preserve your interior design.

    NIDEC Brushless

    For a more efficient clean the Xiaomi uses a powerful NIDEC brushless motor, which will deliver up to 1800Pa air pressure. The main hover brush will automatically adjust to the floor height to create a tight seal.

    The Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with App Control can sync with the MIJIA app to remotely control the device.