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  1. SanDisk iXpand 64GB 8 Pin + USB 3.0 Flash Drive for iPhone/iPad & PC

    This device is literally all our dreams coming true. FINALLY! A small Flash Drive for your iPhone or iPad! We couldn’t be more excited to share this product with you. 

    How many times has your iPhone popped up with the message “Not Enough Storage” or “Cannot Take Photo”. Well, no need to worry!

    The SanDisk iXpand 64GB 8 Pin + USB 3.0 Flash Drive is designed to be the perfect companion for your iPhone as it offers the easiest way to free up space on your iPhone. With 64GB of data, feel stress-free and never see that dreaded message again! Automatically back up your camera roll and move the content easily onto a PC or MacBook later on.

    With the 8 pin connector, you can eas

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  2. Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller for XBOX ONE


    The perfect wireless XBOX ONE controller! This controller has been specifically designed for high precision control and maximum comfort.

     Brand new left and right shoulder buttons have been included and utterly responsive thumb sticks. There have been new impulse triggers that deliver fingertip vibration feedback, so you feel every jolt and crash in high definition.  


    This design has improved ergonomic design for a maximum comfort hold and grip. For extra precision, the thumb sticks and an all new D-pad provide higher accuracy for all games. Control and comfort have been completely enhanced with this controller. With the new addition of the extra joystick and cross key, feel in control w

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  3. Top Four 3D Moon Lights

    Currently at Zapals we have been loving a new style of lamp that has hit our website, and just in time for Christmas too! The Moon Light has become a trend recently, and the style is definitely a unique one. We have made a list of our Top Four 3D Moon Lights that are perfect for the bed side table, in the living room or even in your workspace.


    The Creative 3D Printed WiFi Moon Lamp with Colourful LED Night Light Work with Alexa is top of our list because of its intelligent integration with Alexa and Smartphone control. We love this design of the moon lamps and it adds a blissful ambience to your room and space. You have the ability to control the colour and brightness, adjustable

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  4. QCY T1 Pro TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Box

    Listen to the clearest sound with the QCY T1 Pro TWS Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with an inclusive Charging Box. These completely wireless earbuds deliver the highest quality sound with Bluetooth V5.0. a small size 750mAh charging dock allowing a fast charging and very easy to carry case.


    The earphones are fully lightweight and due to their Bluetooth ability, they are perfect for walking, jogging, gym and other exercise or activities. Providing an in-sync sound that sits perfectly in your ears to put out a stereo like sound.

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  5. 1m long USB Charging & Data Sync Cable for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    The most popular purchase on our Zapals site this week was the 2A 8 Pin USB Charging & Data Sync Cable for all your Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and iPods. There is always a need for the USB Charging cables around the house, in the car or on the go and they are available now on Zapals.

    The cable supports charging and data sync simultaneously and with the 2A large current, this effectively shortens the charging time of your device. For durable use, the cable also includes a thickened connecter. The USB sync and charging cable is compatible with most 8 pin-enabled Apple devices. The TPE material cover over the cable is environmental, eco-friendly, green & healthy. The pure coppe

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  6. Zapals 2018 Christmas Sale

    That time of year has definitely rolled over once again, and the Christmas rush has well and truly begun! Luckily, Zapals have you sorted with one of our biggest Christmas Grand Sales yet. With up to 15% off storewide including great deals like a lucky draw and free add-ons, we have all your gifts sorted.

    Wheel of Fortune
    We have introduced a lucky draw to get into full swing of the Christmas spirit. Simply Register or Log In to your account and click to win one prize from the Wheel of Fortune. Prizes range from a totally free gift, a half-price gift and a 10% off coupon. Each person has 3 chances a day so make sure you stay tuned.

    Buy anything & get one free gift!
    We have a large list of free add-ons you can receive for free when buying anything from the Zapals site. When purchasing an item, make sure you have a look at our list of gifts on offer and add an item for free with its specific coupon code.

    Christmas Gift Ideas
    We have allocated

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  7. New Arrival - Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot

    The newest addition to your family and home has just landed on Zapals! The Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy with Sounds & LD lights brings the fun back into the family household. An interactive toy for your kids to enjoy, which features like touch sense and recording abilities.

    Not only is the Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy adorable but includes super cool features like its touch sense! When it is touched, the robot will respond with sounds and its eyes will shine LED light. Its hands and feet can be rotated and adjusted to various postures to give that extra feature to be adapted. Because of its premium quality and material, the Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy is drop-resisting and sturdy making it extra durable to play with. Another great inclusion is the Record & Repeat feature where the robot can record up to four seconds and repeat it all back. Fitting perfectly in any palm, this easy to play with Robot is a favourite on Zapals at the mom

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  8. New Product - Retroflag SUPERPi Case J Edition / U Edition for Raspberry Pi 3B+/2B/3B

    The SUPERPi Case specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3B+, 2B and 3B has officially landed! We are loving the awesome design of the case from the iconic retro game world. This console was one of the most classic ever made, and the iconic element makes the case super special. An awesome look and perfect functionality make the Retroflag SUPERPi Case J Edition one of the best on the market.


    It is made out of premium plastic and is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 2B and 3B. Being equipped with a safe shutdown and reset button gives that extra insurance of data security. Another addition to the case, is the small and easy to access SD card slot, LAN port and USB port without having to open the case at all. Having the settings of func

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  9. Qbuds Mini TWS Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Earbuds Earphones with Charging Case

    Finally, say goodbye to tangled headphone cables with Qbuds Mini True Wireless System Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Earbuds Earphones. With the clever TWS design, graphene diaphragm and CVC 6.0 smart noise deduction technology, these Mini Earbuds allows you to enjoy your music through great quality Hi-Fi sound all the while being tangle free. These are the latest and definitely will be your go to headphones, with included charging case, these are suitable for any setting either it be activities, exercise, driving, hands-free calls or daily use.


    Restore Original Sound

    Hear your great music crystal clear through the integrated graphene diaphragm and NdFeB magnet drive unit. With combination of the wireless technology and Hi-Fi sound, your musi

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  10. M6 Portable DLP Projector Android 7.0

    Looking for what projector to purchase it is crucial to look at the basic function and the quality of the product. That’s why one of the industry’s leaders, JMGO have developed a projector that suit absolutely any lifestyle. Being compact and portable, not to mention its sleek design, the M6 Portable DLP Projector Android 7.0 is fitting for any scenario. Whether it be for the office, for home, gaming, or outdoor cinema, the mini projector displays the best quality image on the largest screen. Presenting only the utmost configuration, the mini DLP stands as one of the best projectors on the market.


    Best of Best Configuration

    JMGO’s release of their newest and modified mini portable projector only produces the best configuration. With up to 200 ANS

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