DJI Spark Fly More Combo

Expand your creative boundaries with the DJI Mini Spark Drone’s integrated flight control options, mechanical gimbal and high performing camera.


With the FaceAwear feature the DJI Mini Spark Drone will take off and land on the palm of your hand by recognising the patterns of your face. Unlike previous models, the DJI Mini Spark Drone allows you to take aerial shots using hand gestures, releasing you from the hassle of setting up and connecting a controller.

Wind Resistance

The DJI Mini Spark Drone will venture to great heights and distances with minimal wind resistance due to its lightweight and aerodynamic design. You are also able to activate the Sports Mode and enable a stable and manageable flight with winds that reach a speed of 50kph.

Active Tracking

The Active Tracking feature on the DJI Mini Spark Drone will identify objects of various size and shapes and track them depending on the nature of the object and the speed of it. This feature allows you to pinpoint the location on your target and focus on it as it moves through the air.


A 2-axis mechanical gimbal and Ultra-smooth technology will minimize the shaky and rolling shutter effect the camera may face while in flight.


With 2 new shooting modes, the DJI Mini Spark Drone has adopted different types of settings that allow you to capture the perfect shot at touch circumstances. With the Pano mode you are able to capture footage with a wide horizon and vertical shot, or use the ShallowFocus mode to give your images a shallow field depth.

GEO System

Employing a GEO system, the DJI Mini Spark Drone has the ability to identify when it is in close proximity to an area with security concerns such as stadiums or airports. The DJI Mini Spark Drone also has the Return to Home Feature that will instruct the drone to return to its take-off point, while avoiding obstacles it in path.

The DJI Mini Spark Drone cutting edge features enable you to capture memories from a whole new perspective.