Walking in the park in cold seasons, you see those dogs dressed up in kinds of costumes by their owners. They wear coats, caps, scarfs, or booties - a complete outfit. You may wonder: Shall I put on a coat on my doggie? It all depends. Not all dogs are suitable for wearing coats. But some definitely requires them.

Dogs who need clothes


1. Smaller Dogs, or dogs with short hair

Puppies can't resist the freezing cold since they are in growth period. So they are more likely to get ill in low temperature. Due to lack of enough hair, dogs with short hair are more sensitive to cold. Then this type of dog needs to wear a coat or sweater to stay warm when going outside.

2.Elderly dogs

Elderly dogs have weaker immune systems and typically need an extra warm source in winter. Putting on a coat on your dog is a practical way to handle cold weather, and makes it possible for them to relish being outside.

3.Dogs with diseases

Sick dogs, especially those with diseases like diabetes or hormonal imbalances, may be not capable of regulating their body temperatures properly. Hence, they badly need an extra layer to protect them from cold weather. Even inside the house, wearing a light coat or sweater delivers more comfort as well.

Getting right coats

There are a wealth of doggie coats in the market. Some have added warmth, some are waterproof, some are just chic... So do some research before you buy.

Your dog's warmth, mainly depends on its own clothing hair. Clean and puffy hair helps hold its body heat. Accordingly, pay more attention to clean its hair. Besides, after walking the dog and going home, it's better to take off its coat at once. That can diminish the effect of temperature difference, and thus reducing the chances that it catches a cold.