Eating meals with your family and other loved ones is important to your health, wellbeing, and happiness.

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to find time to eat meals together as schedules may not all be the same, and priorities can skew. But we all need to set aside at least one regular meal together as mealtime is a great time to sit back, relax, have a laugh, and catch up on each other’s lives.


Eating habits is a great indicator of the health of a person. Dramatic changes in diet, interest in certain foods, and lack of appetite can be an identifier of mental, emotional, or physical turbulence or problems in your loved ones.

Did you know that children who do not eat at least twice a week with their parents are 40% more likely to be overweight?

Social standards

We are all a composition of how we have been naturally, and how we have been nurtured. Monkey see, monkey do. So meal times are a great time to instil in your children proper table manners, how to communicate properly with others, and resolving problems in a mature manner.


When you set aside time for someone, you show him or her you care. Arguably, love is a continuous decision to care for someone, and allow him or her to care for you. Set aside some time every week to show your loved ones that you do love them.

Enabling meal time

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