airselfie drone

Say goodbye to selfie sticks and fall in love with the new portable flying mobile phone camera cover! The new AirSelfie drone has redefined the way selfies are being taken, with its turbo fan propellers it will allow you to thrust it up to 20 meters high giving you truly unique photos and videos.


The AirSelfie Drone Camera is easily controlled via a app on your smartphone, with only two directional buttons to instruct the drone to move closer and further away from you. In order to get the drone in the air place it on your palm, start the motor then lightly throw it into the sky。

How to Use the Camera

Once you’ve found the perfect position for your shot, the hovering function of the AirSelfie E03 Mini WiFi Selfie Drone 5MP Camera RC Quadcopter with iPhone 7/6 Case will ensure your camera will stay still while taking your photo.

Shock Absorber

The anti-vibration shock absorber and 5mp camera will ensure you capture clear and smooth footage. The AirSelfie was designed with one of the main purposes of being extremely portable. Because the drone weighs only 61g and enclosed in a durable anodized aluminium case this drone is extremely efficient.


Lading the Airselfies drone is just as easy as launching it, approach the drone palm facing up towards It, the drone will automatically sense your palm and will land.

The AirSelfie E03 Mini WiFi Selfie Drone is perfect for a range of users, however travelers in particular as it will allow you to take incredible footage of the scenery surrounding you.