We got so much positive feedback from our cusomters about this 3 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit since this month. Sure, here also comes 4 frequently asked questions.


1. Why do I receive just 2 lenses?

There are truly 3 lenses. The Fisheye lens comes attached to the clip. The Wide Angle Lens and Macro Lens are combined together, which seems just 1; just unscrew the wide lens, this combined lens becomes 2.


2. Why does the Wide Angle Lens fall out from the clip?

Please note : The Wide Angle Lens shall be attached to the Macro Lens to achieve its function of a wide view.

3.  Why does the Macro Lens take blurred photos?

Its shooting distance is between 10-20mmMacro Lens makes you get super close to object to pick up all those small details you usually miss. 

4. What's difference between the Fisheye Lens and the Wide Angle Lens?

Fisheye Lens makes your phone capture 180 degrees of the scene.


Wide Angle Lens enables you to conquer too large a scene to capture, stretch the limits of your lens to capture city capes, large group shots and more.

Namely, it gives up to 40% more subject in the image.


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]