HID Conversion Kits grow in popularity in recent years, for it brings a greater brightness with lower power consumption. And thus a number of car owners are ready to upgrade their car's lighting system with HID (High Intensity Discharge) Kits. Here are a series of things you should know before purchase:


Why to choose?

Brighter. HID bulbs shine 3x brighter than the original halogen lights.

Energy Efficient. With a 35W HID lamp, you'll get the equivalent of a 175W halogen lamp. An 80% growth in effectiveness!

Longer Lasting. Since HID bulbs do not have a filament to break, you don't need to worry about hurting the lamps. HIDs are good for about 2500h of use, 10 times longer than standard halogen lights.

Natural Look. HID lamps generate 3000K-12000K cool light, whose color is pretty similar to that of midday sunlight. Thus, human eyes respond well to HID lamps.


What comes in a HID Kit?

Commonly, a HID Kit consists of 2 HID (Xenon) Bulbs, 2 Ballasts and wiring harnesses. The Bulbs, obviously, is the source of the light. The Ballasts power the Bulbs by amplifying the electrical current.


There are a ton of HID kits available in our store. Then how to choose?


Step 1: Power

The HID Conversion Kits we offer for cars are 35W/12V. There still exists 55W on the market. So please pay attention to the specifications before buying.


Step 2: Bulb Type

Single Beam: H1, H3, H7, H11, 9005, 9006

Dual Beam: H4-2, H4-3

The type of the Xenon Bulb is in accordance with that of the factory bulb. Not sure which light type? Call us and get the right one.


Step 3: Color Temperature

3000K - Golden Yellow

4300K - White with Yellow Tinge

6000K - Pure White

8000K - White with Blue Tinge

Note: The Degree (K) only refers to color, while Lumen refers to the lighting intensity. Hence, a higher color temperature doesn't necessarily mean a higher light intensity. The best-selling kits currently are 4300K and 6000K. If you mean to buy a HID Kit with 8000K or over, please confirm if it's legal in your country. Some HID lamps may not be fit for daily driving, so they are only to be used in certain areas.