The road where both people and vehicles move is an unpredictable ground. It has both beauty and distortion. That is why it is very important for drivers to place a dash camera inside their vehicles. There are lots of car dash cameras sold out there, and one of the newest products is the G30 1080P Car Dash Camera Night Vision Camcorder with 120° Shooting Angle or G30 for short. A name born fresh, G30 is not yet known by a lot of people. To introduce it to you, here are the features of the new G30 dash cam that give you a reason to buy one. Output Quality G30 produces incredible image quality in 1080P, with 120 degree wide angle to show you a seamless recording for you. Even at night, it produces sharp images and videos because of its built-in 6 pieces IR (infrared) LEDs. This feature is vital because a dash cam should not only capture the road, the situations and the incidents. It must also display the relevant details, such as the faces of people present, objects and relevant texts through clear captures. . A dash cam with superb shooting quality is extremely important as it is, most of the time, the only rescue of innocent victims of car incidents to false accusers and scammers on the road. It provides evidences of mishaps concerning their vehicles, such as theft, damage and collisions noted with time of occurence. Saved Safety G30 comes a one key auto lock feature. On the side of the screen, there’s a lock button to guarantee the that your important files are safe from getting deleted unintentionally. Although you can check online to see know how to recover accidentally deleted dash cam files, it’s still better if you see to it in the first place that there’ll be no chance for you to mistakenly delete video files. Stability G30 ensures the stability of the video and images it takes. It has an anti-shake function that minimizes noise to an utmost degree. Very blurry images, to the point that no clarity is seen, are useless next to deleted files. The anti-shake function of this dash cam avoids image blurring due to objects’ movement. Saving Storage Space G30 keeps recording when the card is full via loop recording. Here, the device presumes that the oldest video file in a memory card is unneeded, thus, can be deleted already if the memory card runs out of free space. This is very helpful because instead of manually deleting files from your dash cam after it becomes out of storage space, the device itself will the work on its own and for its own. Motion Detection G30 has a motion detection function which is very helpful for parked vehicles with no owner supervision. The camera auto records the movement when a motion is detected, effectively securing your valuables while parking. It is very important for you to know, even when you’re not present at the parking, what’s happening around your vehicle. G-Sensor G30 has a G-Sensor feature. One of the significant reasons why dash cameras were made is to record proofs of road troubles. For some dashcams, a click button is provided to lock and keep valuable clips, however some forget to do it and lose the video file due to loop recording. G-Sensor allows your dash camera to lock the recording file when a shock gets transported to it. It protects important video files from being deleted automatically after looping. Very Cheap G30 won’t hurt your pocket. For only 10.99USD, you can already have your own G30 for your and your car’s safety. It is a rare opportunity to see quality car dash cameras offered at such a price so don’t miss this great chance! --- What are you waiting for? G30 is waiting for you!