As parents you know that your child needs your help, love, and support in order to become a happy, smart person.

This help, love, and support starts even before they are born and is vital within the first years of their life. You see, your child’s personality is formed within the first 7 years of their life.

Providing the right toys and opportunities to develop their skills through imagination and learning is important.

So what’s the right kind of toys you should provide?

The best kind are ‘open-ended’ toys otherwise known as toys that encourage the usage of imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Toys include blocks, balls, boxes, dress ups, and crafts. At this age, it’s important that you provide activity toys that stimulate social development, discovery, wonder, and reasoning.

Zapals has hundreds of toys options to cater to your child’s needs from birth!

For our example our 66 piece Building Blocks Educational Stacking Toy Set which is ABS approved and has large sized pieces to prevent swallowing.

Why not browse our selection of children’s toys and see what interests your child?



Bernice Abuan

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