The interior of your home is arguably, the life of your home. Humans personalities are a combination of how you’ve been raised (nurtured), and how you are biologically (nature). For example, if you are a naturally angry or aggressive person, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a predominantly red or black colour scheme to your home.

First of all, colour scheme is the focal part of your interior design.  Colours are either active, passive, or neutral.

 What do the different colours say?

1. Brown: natural, comfortable, sense of security, depth, rustic, and warmth

2. White: refreshing, clean, airy, purity, height

3. Grey: formality, subtle elegance, refreshing

4. Black: elegance, bold, not to be used excessively (use to highlight)

5. Yellow: brightness, optimism, used to stand out

6. Red: stimulant, increase blood rate, passionate, increase appetite

7. Green: calm, relaxing, clearance, to be used with a combination of colours

8. Blue: cool, clearance, meditation, lower blood pleasure and heart rate, enlarges rooms, decreases appetite

9. Purple: luxurious, expensive aesthetic, serene, regal, powerful

10. Pink: fresh, fine, feminine, soothing, sweet,