dji spark

Drones are an increasingly popular method of capturing memories, experimenting with photography, videography or simply trying out a new hobby. With so many models on the market it can be difficult to find the right drone for your uses, budget and lifestyle.


The DJI Spark Mini WiFi Selfie Drone 12MP Camera RC Quadcopter is a one of Zapals latest drone releases that features cutting edge technology that is particularly suited to travellers, children and those on the go due to the compact size.



This drone features gesture control, which allows users to remotely launch and steer the device through registered hand gestures. Photography enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the QuickShot function due to the pre-programmed drone manoeuvres such as Orbit and Rocket that allow the drone to capture unique, cinematic footage that may otherwise be difficult to manually capture.

  • Performance

Planning to ditch sleep and binge-watch with your family? This projector got you covered. The premium LED lamp comes with about 30,000 hour’s life. It's energy-saving as well. It has a low power consumption without affecting its stable performance.

  • Features

This QuickShot feature is combined with a high performance 12MP camera that is able to capture 1080p video. Multiple shooting modes such as Panoramic and ShallowFocus allow for greater creative experimentation compared to the previous DJI drone.

The advanced flight protection GEO System feature allows for the drone to detect high risk areas such as airports or stadium which may cause safety issues for the public, the drone and you as an operator – helping you to fly the Spark safely and responsibly.

  • Competition

Unlike other drones the Spark uses a high energy density LiPo battery for optimal performance. Its 12 intelligent protection functions help deliver safe flights and calculate remaining flight time, alerting when the drone needs to land in real-time.