Imagine that you borrow a dollar bill from your friend. Then he hands it to you, and you take a pen out. As he is about to ask why you need it, you make this pen stick through the bill. He watches this amazingly as you pull the pen out, leaving the bill totally intact!

It's unbelievable! After all he doesn't even blink. He sees every moment of it. He gets the bill back from your hand. It's completely unharmed. He also wants to see the pen, but there's also nothing wrong with it.

The pen you use is called Pen Through Dollar.


Suitable situations

It brings fun to do this pen through dollar trick at workplace, party or on the street.


Is this difficult for anyone to do this trick?

No, it's a piece of cake when you know how this trick happens. The only thing you need to do is practice your skills. Get one, you'll know easy it is!

Why should I buy the pen from your store, since there are tons of ones out there at market?

This pen is an everyday pen, while a fancy pen would cause others' doubts.

Can I use other bill?

Yes, any bill is OK.

What will I get?

1. The magic pen

2. Step-by-step guide

3. The abilities to perform the trick at almost anywhere

What's your experience about performing this trick? We are delighted to hear more stories from you.