Whether you go camping, climbing, or hiking, your backpack is your best companion. It will provide a convenient place to carry your important belongings, and keep your hands free. Which type do you prefer, Military Style Backpacks or Standard Hiking Backpacks? Both have their own pros and cons. You must know exactly what to look for before you dive in and buy a pack.

Military Style Backpacks

A military backpack is versatile, functional and rugged in harsh conditions. It's specially designed to store all an expedition's tools in one place.

The Good

Durability. Commonly, Military Rucksacks are made from solid and abrasion-resistant material like Nylon, so it ensures durability.

Organization. An Outdoor Military Pack contains a cubic main compartment, front pockets, or side pockets. Everything is organized in this bag.

Expansion. There's webbing all over the pack. That allows to add various sub-divided pockets, so as to accommodate more accessories.

The Bad

Weight. The only drawback of this kind of pack is its weight. It's a negative to the individuals who have difficulty in conveying a lot of weight.

Standard Hiking Backpacks

The Good

Light. The main benefit of choosing a Hiking Pack is how light and comfortable it is.
This bag is much more lightweight and comfortable to carry than other types. It's a great option for travelers who plan a long distance trip.

The Bad

Unordered. The biggest downside is that its lack of sub-divided compartments and organization. It may be a little time-consuming that you look for an item from a mass of belongings.