MJX X101 - The Sleek Design and Aircraft Model Drone

Any technology and photography enthusiast can find a use for the MJX X101 drone with its sleek design and aircraft model. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, this device offers a high quality drone experience.


The MJX X101 is a six-axle drone that features a 3D feature. It features a wide range of single touch features and a remote controlled, wireless function.

One Key Return

The one key return feature allows for an easier and more convenient user experience. Using the remote control’s position, the drone can effectively return to the user’s location at the touch of a button even if the user has moved from the launch position.

Bass Boost System

Boasting extra large 57mm drivers which enhance music resolution and lower the total harmonic distortion, which lets you enjoy every detail of the sound. ANC activation further allows improved bass listening whilst retaining the original sound of the music.

3D Rolling

Rather than simply offering a left and right directional feature, the MJX X101 allows for a 3D roll over. This allows the drone to be navigated at a full 360 degrees, moving at any angle and position the user desires, allowing for unique and interesting video and image capturing.

Six Axis Gyroscope

For an improved drone flying experience the MJX X101 features a six-axis gyroscope, which is controlled by a smart chip that adjusts during the flight. This allows for more stable flying and more clear, crisp images and videos.

The MJX X101 is the ideal drone for experienced and novice drone users with its easy to use features and six-axis stability.