Looking for the best iPhone 6 accessories? Here's a guide on all the essential iPhone 6 accessories that you can't live without.


1. Screen Protector

The iPhone 6 is a substantial investment, a fashion statement and an entertainer. It's also not incredibly durable. One slip and the screen can crack. A few minutes in your pocket with your keys, it can have scratches. Even if you manage to avoid these kinds of woes, you still have the continual parade of fingerprints and greasy smudge from your cheek.


Okay, it's time to shed these irritations and instead don an iPhone 6 screen protector. With it, your iPhone screen will be far away from a variety of calamities.


2. Protective/Decorative Case

As what I say above, purchasing an iPhone 6 is no small investment. So it is vitally important to keep it safe. An iPhone 6 case could protect your phone from damage such as scratches, drops, bumps, dust and spills. It even allows you to customize the look of your phone to make it more stylish and make you stand out in a crowd.


3. Wireless Bluetooth Earphone/Headphone

Feel frustrated as your earphone/headphone cord easily tangles like a set of Christmas lights in your pocket or gym bag? Get troubled with the cables that get in the way or pulled out accidentally while you are running, listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks? Okay, why not get a wireless Bluetooth earphone or headphone?


Going wireless means you never have to untangle a mess of cords. Besides, going wireless gives you the full freedom to be more mobile, more active and more connected to your favorite music and calls.


4. Selfie Stick

Love capturing selfies with your iPhone 6 but long for a wider shot and a higher angle? Just consider pairing it with a Selfie Stick, to take better self- and self-plus-others portraits.


A stick can position your phone farther away than arm's length, avoiding the "Head filling the shot" look and giving you more control over how much background is in the image.


5. Phone Holder for Car/Bike

For all I know, many drivers now rely on their smartphones for navigation, music and calls in the car, but holding the phone while performing any of these tasks may cause dangers. To more safely use your iPhone in the car, get a car mount is quite essential. It keeps the voice command button in easy reach and the screen viewable at a glance.


If you are someone who likes cycling, but hates being away from your phone, you will surely appreciate having a bike mount. It lets you control you phone while moving along – for example, to answer calls, tune music or navigation.


6. Battery Case

Have experienced the sinking feeling of realizing you didn't plug your iPhone in last night and this morning the battery is almost dead? You are traveling and the battery is weak at the end of the day when you need it the most? Okay, let an iPhone 6 battery case do you a big favor. It keeps your iPhone juiced throughout your busy day and evening without plugging it into an AC power outlet. It even delivers drop protection with a purpose.


7. Power Bank

For the times when you can't plug your iPhone into an outlet, the only way you can ease the worrier of losing power is to use a portable power bank. It allows you to top up your battery power whenever and wherever you are.


8. USB Cable

A must have in your go bag! Just get one or two or even three to have placed around your home, work and in the car. You don't have to tote around your only cable.


9. Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

It's widely known that the iPhone 6's built-in speakers are not designed to fill an entire room with sound. So that's why Bluetooth Wireless speakers come in. It allows you to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to avoid messy cords and cables, yet offers easy music streaming and room-filling sound.


10. Clip-on Photo Lenses

Professional and aspiring photographers love it! It quickly transforms your iPhone 6's small lens into professional grade camera. From fish eye to standard shutter, you can click the perfect photo to upload while you're on the go, without having to bring your bulky camera and long time photo processing.


11. USB Wall Charger

The attached iPhone charger can only power one electronic gadget each time, but a USB Wall Charger is typically compatible with multiple devices, as long as the devices can be charged via a USB cable. You can bring just one wall charger to make all your gadgets juiced simultaneously after plugging into an AC outlet.


12. Car Charger

Your best mate during those long car journeys, and you will never suffer from the dreaded low battery again! Just connect the car charger to your car and make your iPhone battery last all the way.


Accessorize your iPhone 6, and make life with an iPhone even better!