Think about the moments when you were stuck hopelessly in a traffic jam, or the moments when you were just totally worn out but had to drag yourself to walk the last mile after coming out from the metro, or when your bicycle could not fit in the elevator and you had to painfully lift it up the stairs...


Those moments now are over for all of us; for urban commuters who often suffer heavy traffic and want to try an ideal transportation alternative, for young people who expect to "fly" freely across the city with no traffic jams and road rage, for housewives who want to go shopping quickly and never worry about no parking space.


For all of the above, there finally comes with the self balancing unicycle, an awesome and incredibly versatile one-wheel cycle that you should possess. Here are its super cool goodies.


Super High Quality. It adopts high-tech intelligent system, with the built-in intelligent balancing chip and gyroscope to maintain longitude balance. Moreover, aerospace attitude control theory and fuzzy software algorithm control technique are also utilized to make you have a better balance and easier control. Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or others by inclining forward or learning backwards. The 88.8Wh battery core and the CPU power-saving design enables the one wheel electric scooter to deliver longer battery range. The maximum load it can handle is up to 120kg and it can go as fast as 18km/h, with the longest range of 20km.


Small and Lightweight. So compact and lightweight that you can carry it around. You can take it to the office, classroom, restaurants, buses and metros. As an ideal transportation alternative, it makes your life more convenient by freeing you from the traffic jam, improving your efficiency on the road, offering you exciting floating experience and requiring no parking space.


Keeping Your Hands Free. One of the cool things you can do with the scooter is that you can keep your hands free. Think about that you can eat your supper while cruising around. You can take two cups of drink at a time. You can look for something in your bag quickly with two hands. Need to bring back a couple of things from your friend? Just hop on your cycle and go.


Environmental Friendly. Compared with cars or buses, the mini self balancing unicycle costs less energy and is more environmental friendly and low-carbon. An absolutely wise choice for both urban and rural dwellers.


Low Price. Only 65% percent but with guaranteed high quality products. Quite a bit cheaper than your average scooter. Sound too good to be true? Well, sometimes dreams really come true and all you need is to do it. Just get your electric unicycle right now.