The newest addition to your family and home has just landed on Zapals! The Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy with Sounds & LD lights brings the fun back into the family household. An interactive toy for your kids to enjoy, which features like touch sense and recording abilities.

Not only is the Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy adorable but includes super cool features like its touch sense! When it is touched, the robot will respond with sounds and its eyes will shine LED light. Its hands and feet can be rotated and adjusted to various postures to give that extra feature to be adapted. Because of its premium quality and material, the Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy is drop-resisting and sturdy making it extra durable to play with. Another great inclusion is the Record & Repeat feature where the robot can record up to four seconds and repeat it all back. Fitting perfectly in any palm, this easy to play with Robot is a favourite on Zapals at the moment.

This interactive addition to the kids toybox has proved to be great for children to improve their hands-on ability and focus their attention. Bring a fun and exciting toy home for the whole family to enjoy. The Smart Touch Sense Interactive works as a fun toy and also an activity that all can get involved with. It is also a perfectly suitable birthday and holiday present or as a home decoration. With its long-lasting battery and power supply with LR44 batteries, make the Robot long lasting, not having to constantly change the batteries, a great help!

Smart Touch Sense Interactive Robot Toy is the perfect addition to the home living room as an interactive toy for the kids and the whole family. A fun toy that can get the entire house involved.