Currently at Zapals we have been loving a new style of lamp that has hit our website, and just in time for Christmas too! The Moon Light has become a trend recently, and the style is definitely a unique one. We have made a list of our Top Four 3D Moon Lights that are perfect for the bed side table, in the living room or even in your workspace.


The Creative 3D Printed WiFi Moon Lamp with Colourful LED Night Light Work with Alexa is top of our list because of its intelligent integration with Alexa and Smartphone control. We love this design of the moon lamps and it adds a blissful ambience to your room and space. You have the ability to control the colour and brightness, adjustable to the environment it’s in.



Another favourite Moon Light on our site is the 15cm Touch Control 3D Moon Lamp LED Lunar Night Light with Stand. This light adopts 3D printing technology to show you a real moon with a rough surface. This real effect changes a room and gives a warm ambience. With touch control, you can change the brightness and colour with just one touch. This lamp has two colour lights, cool white and a yellow that can be easily adjustable.



The Romantic Rechargeable 3D Lunar Light 16 colour remote control Moon Lamp has to be our favourite on the list. Empowered with precision 3D technology, this lamp looks absolutely stunning in any setting due to its exquisite design that was carefully crafted according to NASA satellite images of the moon. The surface is extremely vivid, giving a real-life touch to the lamp. This lamp can be operated with just one touch and has the ability to change colours with just one touch.


Last but definitely not least the 16 Colours RGB 3D Print Moon Lamp Remote Control LED Night Light is another Moon Light that makes our list. With 16 colours to choose from, the Moon Light can adapt to any environment or setting. Made with professional 3D printing technology and PLA materials, the lamp gives a true appearance of the moon and creates a beautiful atmosphere. It’s no wonder these lamps have been so popular on our Zapals site!