Your child’s education is an important part of their life. As parents it is your joyous responsibility to look after your child and ensure that they are best equipped for school. But it’s easy to spend excessively on your child, as you want the best for them right? Notably, the National Retail Federation stated that parents spent an average of $630.36 per child on school supplies, including clothing, during 2015.

According to Combs High School teacher, Jess Burnquist, stated that “all kids need on the first day at the high school level, in my opinion, is a notebook, pen and pencil and a folder to store handouts,” as well that “deodorant is good especially for growing teens.”

Forbes contributor, Vanessa McGrady has also created an informal list of things you’d teenager DOESN’T need, unless specifically told by the teacher. This list includes: mechanical pens, clipboards, zip-up binders, note cards, packs of loose-leaf paper, and whiteout.

For young children however, Jo Abi from Mamamia has created a short list for your little girl or boy.  What they’ll need: a spare pair of underwear in a plastic bag (the bag for their soiled underwear), wet wipes, pocket tissues, a paint shirt, twist up crayons, glue sticks,  coloured pencils, lead pencils, cute pencil case, scissors, erasers, enclosed sharpener, blue/blue/red pens, textas, plastic folder, and a clear ruler.

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