Yessssss! Selfie Sticks are taking over the world! Take a stroll around nearly any major city and you're bound to see individuals and groups of people taking their pictures with Selfie Sticks.


Why need a Selfie Stick?


1. Fit your entire family or group into one shot

If you are a selfie fan, you must realize that it is very hard to take selfies fitting in everyone's face. Even though everyone is included in the picture, it must not a great selfie. But with a Selfie Stick, everything is change! You can take group photos fitting as many people in it as possible, yet with an amazing angle.


2. No more ask someone around to take photos for you

"Excuse me, could you please take a photo for me?" I bet you must often ask others to do so. But with a selfie stick, you can take a selfie or even a group photo easily without the need to ask for help. Great selfie on your own hands!


3. Never left anyone in your photo

There is always someone on your group to be the cameramen, and he/she will definitely be excluded from the picture. It is indeed unfair for him/her. Yes, you always choose to take turns. But you still cannot get a picture with all of you guys in.


Okay, let Selfie Stick do you a big favor! With it, no one will be left from your group photo. That's exactly how we want a group photo to be - having everyone inside. Or taking group photos wouldn't be meaningful anymore.


4. More distance, stable shot and wider background

A selfie stick can position your Smartphone farther away than arm's length, so as to avoid the "head filling the shot" look. It also gives you more stability for your shots - reduce distortion and get quality photos. Besides, it offers you more control over how much background is in the image.


Want to get yourself a Selfie Stick?

If you are a selfie fan or want to start taking selfies, I highly suggest you to get your own Selfie Stick from our store. They are in different type and high quality, yet come from $3.99. Just go for it!