Do you sing in the shower? Don’t be embarrassed. Nearly all of us do. I do. Bathrooms have great acoustics due to our soundwaves bouncing off the tiles, instead of being absorbed by them. The small dimensions of a bathroom also amplifies your voice, adds bass, and stylises your voice with a reverb effect.

But it’s not just us mere mortals that grab the showerhead or brush to belt out a few tunes. People magazine found out that Jack Black sings Led Zeppelin, Colbie Caillat sings Amy Winehouse, and Avril Lavigne sings her own songs! In our Christmas movie favourite Elf, Zoey Deschanel sang It’s Cold Outside while Will Ferrell sat merrily outside.

Even Beyonce, otherwise known as Queen B, gives her bathroom a concert as she sings ‘Holy Ghost’ by Kim Burrell.

Lost for words? Well Spotify has released the top 20 songs in peoples’ shower playlists. Zapals sells waterproof, Bluetooth enabled, and smart phone accessible speakers for your shower, as everyone needs backup singers.

But I don’t just sing in the shower, I perform! My personal favourite shower song? ‘At Last’ by Etta Jones.