Broadlink Black Bean RM Mini 3

Want to turn your regular home into a smart home? With the advanced Broadlink Black bean you can have remote control over all the appliances and devices in your home from your smartphone or tablet.


The free downloadable app called Mi Home will enable you to have instant control over your devices. Once you have connected the Broadlink to your home you are able to have complete control over appliances and devices such as TV, TV Box, Air Conditioner, DVD etc.


The Broadlink bean has been designed with an enhanced signal with the upgraded wifi 3.0 3D chip, this will ensure you have a reduced amount of interference while using the Bean.


The Broadlink beans scene setting is easily customized with one single key, you will be able to switch on lamps, turn on fans and heaters while sitting comfortably in a chair or when you’re out.

Sleeping Mode

Having the sleeping mode activated on the Broadlink bean will detect the room temperate and will accommodate to your needs, whether that be turning the fan or heater on to ensure you have a peaceful sleep.


Connecting the Broadlink bean to the internet will allow it to automatically update itself to ensure it has all the latest technology to keep your home smart. The elegant design of the Broadlink black bean allow it to easily blend into your home.

Having the Broadlink Black Bean in your home will help to reduce the stress of getting ready in the mornings due to its advanced audio features that allow you to verbally command it.