Our smartphones are an extension of who we are now.  You can argue it, or you can accept the benefits of having an electronic device that gives you access to the whole world.

It is the centre of your social life, work life, and escape from the real world. We’ve all had a case of FOMO – fear of missing out. And your phone enables you to not miss out on what is happening in the world.

So wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to protect your phone?

Zapals is a purveyor of smart phone accessories such as phone cases, phone lens, armbands, and cell phone car speakers. We offer affordable prices for arguably, the most valuable thing you own.

But do you need a phone case?

Yes. No matter what your lifestyle, the monumental benefits outweigh any cons of having a phone case.

First of all, they’re stylish.

Take our 4200mAh iPhone 6 Plus Protective Power Case in Rose Gold. Otherwise known as ‘bros gold’, it has been on international news for the beautiful colour that has attracted both men and women. 

Secondly, they’re inexpensive.

Instead of forking over $100-$300 to repair your smartphone, you can spend as little as $2.56 at Zapals for a phone case.

And lastly, you can create what some professional photographers do with your smartphone. 

For example, our Wide Angle Camera Lens with Bluetooth Shuttle Protective Case for iPhone 6 White. It expands the natural view by 0.4x, made of high class glass, strengthened by aluminum alloy, and guarantees truer colours and higher resolution!

So can you afford to lose your phone?


Written by Bernice Abuan

Digital Account Executive at SEO Premier

Contact: [email protected]