Smart watches are ‘in’. Haven’t you heard? At quite an affordable price, you can own your very own smart watch which monitors your health, receives and sends messages, provides you access online, and give you the opportunity to leave your phone behind when your outfit has no pockets.


Just last year, a 17 year old need Paul Houle Jr was attending football practise at Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. He was experiencing excruciating chest and back pain and looked at his smart watch just in time to see his heart rate was a dangerously high 145 beats a minute. Paul Houle Jr alerted his couch, and was checked into the ER where he learnt he had rhabdomyolysis. 


His father, a neurosurgeon, said "If it wasn't for the [smart watch] to alert him to the fact that there was a problem, he probably would have just gone back to bed. He would have showed up for practice the next day and would have been one of the kids you read about every fall, who drops dead on the football field.”


Paul Houle Jr’s father was sceptical at first about his son “wasting his money” on a device like a smart watch, which in the end saved his life. Even more remarkably, Tim Cook aka the CEO of Apple called up Paul Houle Jr to gift him a free iPhone and a summer internship at Apple’s headquarters. 


Smart watches allow you access to a wide variety of applications, and services with just a touch on your wrist. That beats digging around in your bag or pocket for your phone! Sometimes, I can’t find my phone in my bag in my dire moments of necessity, leaving me with a bad case of FOMO. 


Not only are they easy for you to access your information, a lot of them are customisable. I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to accessorise my outfits with just the right watch. At times, to no avail. With a customisable smart watch it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing as your watch face can change with just a swipe and a tap!


Lastly, its not rude during meetings and dinners. Ever felt your phone vibrate in your pocket during a meeting? Or heard the classic ding! of a text message during a date? You wouldn’t dare take your phone out to check whether its your mum calling to say she loves you, or a vital email from your boss saying if you don’t fulfil your responsibility you’ll be fired. But with a smart watch your emails, texts, and missed calls go straight to your line of vision. This allow you a quick glance to se the importance and the message, without the awkward tension of you trying to find your phone while everyone else stares (or glares).


So smart watches, are you for them?



Bernice Abuan

[email protected]