Need to protect your iPhone 6 Plus? Look no further, just here. Yes, a wealth of Covers are available, with new ones on the way. Which type do you prefer?



1. Skin


A skin-type case is thin and quite flexible. This keeps your iPhone safe, with wrapping around its back and sides. These are available in various bright colors. Naturally, they are common and most popular.


2. Wallet case


A Wallet Case lets you carry an iPhone, and also have divided compartment for IDs, credit card, and a bit of cash. It usually uses leather material. Wallet Cases are a stellar option for commuters.


3. 3D pattern case


Another unique type is 3D pattern cases, which decorate your iPhone as well. They're in demand among youngsters. They perfectly combine technology and fashion. Manifest youths' pursuit of personalization and beauty. A slew of patterns are bound to dazzle you.


4. Battery case


iPhone 6 Plus allows you to do a variety of things, which drain your battery so quickly. A Battery Case gets it down. It's a protective cover as well as an External Battery Charger. Compared with other types of cases, this sort is kind of bulkier. But rejuvenating your iPhone must let you forget that. If you are a frequent traveler, grab one right now!


5. Pouch


Made from diverse materials, Pouches have an envelope-style opening. Some are waterproof. Additionally, they're low-cost. Yet with a Pouch, one snag is that you can't use your iPhone until you take it out.


6. Bumper


If you pursue simpleness,then Bumper Cases suit you exactly. Leaving more of your iPhone exposed, a Bumper delivers sufficient protection. Most Bumpers features a rubber edge to absorb accidental impact.


What is going to cost you?


Giveaway prices, from $ 4.99 to $7.99 per one!