Safety Comes First!!! Keeping you or your loved ones safe is always at the front of your mind. One of the simplest ways to enhance safety in day to day life is by carrying a personal alarm, especially for women, children, elderly or even men.


Personal alarms belong to e-protectors, which are mainly designed to shock and disorientate potential invaders in case of emergency, giving you vital seconds to get away. Here are some of its features, also benefits, that you should never miss.


Emit Loud and Shrill Sound. When the cord is pulled, the personal alarm will emit loud sound. The most effective sound has proved to be continuous and high-pitched. 130db (decibels) or so is ideal, which is about the same level of that being emitted from marching band of 200 members. However, when in emergency, do not entirely rely on a personal alarm to call help. Maybe there is no one within earshot, or even though there is someone nearby, hearing the sound of an alarm does not necessarily summon help. Therefore, once you activate the alarm, just leave as quickly as possible or if you are likely to get help, please shout words like "Call the police!" to make others know that you are in danger.  

Enhance Your Confidence. With a personal alarm in hand, you will be more confident when walking alone. Those who look vulnerable often become the target of attackers. Therefore, try and behave confidently whenever you are alone, and change the way that others see you.

Fashionable and Easy to Carry. There are millions of dazzling personal alarms and how to sift the grain from the chaff is a question. The most important standard is that choose ones that both fit into the palm of your hand and emit very loud sound. Too small personal alarms may be easy to carry, but also more difficult for you to quickly find it out from the bottom of your bag. Besides, it may not emit as high-pitched sound as you expect. The personal alarms here can be attached to your bag, in your pocket or just operated in your hand, all making it easier to be activated in emergency.


For your safety of yourself and your loved ones, personal alarms are strongly recommended! Amazing excellent products in incredible low price! Cost a little, but make a big difference!