Want to add WOW! to your kids this weekend? There is nothing better than a creative play. Here are some of our favorite entertaining, imaginative and challenging playtime activities.  


Ride with Kids


Definitely, cycling is a marvelous activity to keep your kids physically and mentally active. So how about an exciting cycling tour with your kids? For young beginners, too small to ride a real bike? No worries! The unicycle balance bikes are the best solution. Your kids can cruise around with ease on their first bike - built with a stainless steel frame, twin flashing castors and one big wheel. At the same time, they can quickly master their motor skills, coordination, balance and strength - all crucial skills for the later transition to their first real bike. Of course, a helmet for bike is strongly recommended to protect your kids when learning to ride a bike.


Pretend Play


Pretend play is a creative way to foster your kids' abilities of practice and imagination. Pretend play, also means make-believe play. It will spark the interest of your kids and open a door to the world of endless possibilities. Trust me they are learning more than what we think they are.


Superhero Show


Buy a toy gun for your kids to satisfy their hero dream! This is a popular opinion agreed by most parents. With a toy gun in hand, your kids will feel powerful and heroic. Meanwhile, teach him that this kind of play is not about violence but really about heroism, justice and bravery. A win-win solution both for parents and kids.


Play on the Beach


Wooo! How about a beach excursion on a sunny summer day? A super cool plan, isn't it? Sunshine, beach and endless joy! Just bring you kids, and their beach and sand toys to enjoy summer fun!


Let's Build Something


Want to stay at home and learn something? The building toys are best for your kids. It can stimulate your kids' imagination and innovation and also help them recognize various colors, geometry and digits. Besides, this building toy set allows for cooperative and interactive actions.


When weekend comes, school's out. NEVER let your kids just plop down in front of the TV for all day long. Prepare some creative plays for them. HAVE A HAPPY WEEKEND!