The weather in Sydney is getting absolutely ridiculous with this heat! We’ve had nine consecutive days of 30 degree Celsius or more. 


The tans are getting darker, ice creams are melting onto the asphalt, and people everywhere are rubbing aloe vera on their skin to relieve the burns. With the mercury in our thermometers staying consistently high, salvation is near. By the end of next week the heat will be all gone, leaving us to cool down with some cooler weather.


While the sun is still out it is important to keep yourself, and your family safe! The sun’s rays are extremely dangerous when exposed for long periods of time, and the consequences can be permanent. 


Remember, the UV rays are most damaging between 10am until 4pm. This means if you don’t have to be in the sun, try wait until the late afternoon to enjoy the (still) warm weather by the beach or pool. If you must go out still, remind yourself of the nostalgic SLIP, SLOP, SLAP! 


Clothing - Wear clothes that are dark and lightly woven. The lighter the clothes, the better as it will keep your body aired. 


Head Smart - Use your head by wearing a hat and a pair of sunglasses. The effects of sun damage are most noticeable on the skin. Discolouration, pimples, welts, peeling, and even skin cancer is not worth the tan. Sadly, in 2013 over 2200 Australians died of skin cancer alone. 


Slap on that sunscreen - Use sunscreen! There are no if’s and but’s about it! Go find yourself the strongest sunscreen you can and reapply as often as necessary. There are lots of different kinds of sunscreen to suit different skin types. 



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Written by Bernice Abuan

Contact: [email protected]