A new day starts, when you come to office and see wonderful pictures in a dynamic environment on your desk, will you feel happy and refreshed? Then, a beautiful and meaningful day slips away in your relaxed moods.

In your warm house, photos full of happy memories are shown in a frame. Artistic? Happy? Yes, both.

This appealing novelty is Digital Picture Frame , a must-have for your house and office, a precious gift for your lovely ones, and a marvelous decoration art to record your fondest memories.

Incredible Image Clarity

With a digital LCD screen, the digital picture frame present a montage of high quality photos, fully preserving each color and detail with great clarity. Rich, vibrant images come to life on LCD screens, showing each photo in the best light possible.

Auto Slideshows

Simply insert your memory card full of photos in the digital picture frame. Your happy moments of a pleasant trip, or staying with your loved ones, will be vividly shown in a dynamic environment, a great way to bring your treasured memories to life.

Displaying Music And Video

Want to add enjoyment while viewing your slideshow? While, listen to music is a good choice. The digital picture frame provides the option for playing music under a slideshow. You can put some music files in the frame or loaded in your memory card, then they will began to play while sliding.

Calendar/ clock/ alarm clock

The digital photo frame is not just a frame, but also a calendar, a clock. A perfect combination with style and functionality, brings your memories to live in stunning realism.

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